February Baby Names

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Angie - October 20

Hi - Just wondering what everyone has picked out for their baby names. We are due February 24, 2006 and just found out it is a boy. His name will be Mason Patrick.


Lara - October 20

Due Feb 2, 2006. It is a girl. We are going to name her Claira Belle. It is a family name.


Jean - October 20

Lara - I love that name!! I was thinking about Clara for our baby due on February 8. It's so beautiful. We are going with Eva Rose - also a family name.


jb - October 20

Hey there, Im due 2/15. Its a girl. We have picked Alyssa Anne. Anne is a family name.


Emy - October 20

We are due 2/20 and we are having a little girl named after my grandmother : Gabrielle Elise


Erin - October 20

I'm due Feb 24th also! We're having a girl and naming her Kaelynn Alissa.. btw, I LOVE Claira Belle! So cute!


Beth - October 20

Lara-I'm due Feb 2 too, If it's a girl it'll be keilee Jane, If it's a boy it'll be Austin Bradley


Heather - October 20

We think we are having a boy (just a hunch, we have a ultrasound scheduled though) and if we are right the baby will be named Spencer Wayde after my husband grandpa and my grandpa.


Liz - October 20

Angie - Mason Patrick is a neat name - something original and something old fashioned! We are due Feb 5, 2005 with a boy also - Rielly James will be his name,


Amy - October 20

I'm due feb. 11th and we love the name Lily, we just cant think of a middle name yet.......


Mandi - October 20

Due on February 9th with a BOY!!! His name will be Brandon Michael (my name was supposed to be Brandon Michael, but I came out with the wrong parts....now I will name my son that name).


*Samantha* - October 20

Hey. I am due March 28, and having a girl. Her name is Madisyn Avery Marie!


Ashley - October 20

I'm due between Valentine's and March 1st. We aren't finding out what it is, so we have two names picked out. Samuel David for a boy, Eden Nicole for a girl. David is great grandpa's, grandpas, and dad's middle name, and Nicole is my middle name. Plus, we are sticking young Samuel with the same issues dad had (Jonathan, not Jon or Johnny!) growing up, b/c we like Samuel, not Sam or Sammy.


Tiffany - October 20

I'm due Feb 8th with a little boy-his name will be Cameron Alexander


Dar cie - October 22

I am due Feb 10th and my little guy's name is Isak Robert


Maggie - October 22

Due Feb. 16 and its a girl. Her name will be Kathleen Mary.


Dana - October 22

we are due valentine's day. Found out it is a boy and he will be named after the late great Man in black. Cash. Can you guys give some some cool middle names to go with Cash?



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