February Mommies Part 2

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jcross414 - September 11

New thread....old one too long!


angelmonkey - September 12

wow everyone is finding out the s_x of monday!! i fond out on the monday after lol!


FlyBear - September 12

You ladies are all lucky. They want me to wait until 22 weeks. :( It's killing me really. It's all I think about. I want to know so bad. There's a minute chance that I could get to find out on my appointment next Wednesday but like I said, it's super small. At the clinic I go to the ultra sound technician is there only on Mondays, but one of the nurses has some ultra sound experience and typically does an early u/s on new pregnant patients to confirm. She said if she could and she was there on Wednesday that she might take me back and see if we can tell, but I'm not going to count on it. I wanted to cry at my last appointment when they told me it'd be the appointment AFTER next.


newbaby2009 - September 12

Im right on target with my weight. They say 1lb a week bcuz they dont want you to gain anymore then that. . My weight gain comes from the baby growing which i know he/she is and thats all that matters. I did the gaining to much weight thing and im soo not doing it again. Its to hard to lose afterward. My next appt is Thursday. Ill get the go ahead then to schedule the big ultrasound! Praying for a boy!!


angelmonkey - September 12

oh thats funny as im also on target? and i,ve gained 28lbs? surley if they didnt want you to gain ober 1lbs a week my midwife would tell me im gaining to much weight as i gain about 2-3lbs a week? i dont think i,ve gained to much weight? i,d rather know my baby is defo growing enough than not alot...............also my midwife messures my womb at 20 weeks and im 18weeks so maybe im further along and they havnt figured yet? anyways i love my baby bu,p! i feel it helps me bond with my baby more. also im not bothered how much weight i gain! as long as my babys growing and healthy thats all that matters


FlyBear - September 14

Yay, I'll be in week 19 tomorrow and I have a Dr's appointment Wednesday. How is everyone? Yesterday sucked. I was just soooo drained and I napped pretty much all day and then when I was awake I was having horribly annoying round ligament pains ALL day. Today was much better although I was pretty tired again. It's like the fatigue has made another appearance.


angelmonkey - September 15

flybear i feel you lol! yesterday was horrible for me i spent all day throwing up!! i htought i was going to die at one point and was guna ring my mum to take me to hospital! i feel ok today though! how random though.........where is everyone who is finding out the s_x today!! whoo a week exactly until i find out! good luck at your appointmet flybear


jcross414 - September 15

Ok.....it's a GIRL!!! That means one of each for us and now we are done! She was not shy for the ultrasound at all. My placenta is low lying and they will scan again at 28 weekd to make sure it has moved. If it doesn't move, they will have to do a c-section. Yuck! Makes me nervous becuase from what I read, the placenta previa can be very serious. Hopefully it will move!


angelmonkey - September 15

congrats jcross!! i raelly hope i have a girl! i wasnt bothered about what the s_x was before but now i,ve come up with the perfect girls name!! (heidi ella) so i want a girl so i can name her that lol! congrats again!! good luck!


iona - September 15

hello all. i am due 24 of feb (so exactly 17 weeks today).. just read down this thread...anglemonkey have you already gained 28 pounds!?!? hope you dont mind me asking, but i thought that was the "ideal" weight gain for the entire pregnancy...does your midwife think this is okay...i just ask as i have gained only 5 pounds...


angelmonkey - September 15

iona i was extremely underweight when i fell pregnant so i am idealy at the correct weight i should be for 18 weeks. im happy if my midwife is happy. i guess i just gained the weight my body needed to carry a baby. i supose it sounds strange when i say hey i,ve gained 28lbs in 18 weeks yet im right on target for 18weeks pregnant! you can imagine how underweight i was when i sya that lol. good luck in your pregnancy iona


spamanda - September 16

It's a boy! We are REALLY excited. This will make two boys for us. I would have been great with a girl, too, but DH really wanted a boy. So now we have to start thinking about names.... hmm....


spamanda - September 16

jcross -- my understanding is that the placenta moves a lot between now and the end of your pregnancy. If there's still a concern with the next ultrasound, IMHO I'd ask for another one closer to your due date. That way you can be SURE you need the c-section. (I'm just a__suming here that you'd prefer to avoid a c-section, if I've overstepped I'm sorry!)


angelmonkey - September 16

congrats spamanad!! oh also i have only gained 20lbs not 28lbs lol here in the uk most of us dont count in lbs so i got a little confused how many lbs was in a stone lol! so anyone else finding out the s_x soon?


breezieb - September 16

Its a BOY!!!! yeah!!! that is what I was hoping for...Matthew jr....My u/s tech also did the 3D/4D pics for me. I got to see him so clearly!!! It was so cute when we left (both going seprate ways)my dh rubbed my belly and was like..take good care of my son ..he looked so serious and excited! I have gained 20lbs since I have been prego. I was underweight when I got prego so my doc said that is ok but to take it easy here on out. She said you only need 300 extra calories a day for a baby...I was like dont let my hubby hear that!!! cause I am always like...the baby is hungry so I can get my way.lol


breezieb - September 16

oh yeah I am 17 weeks.


aaaaaaaaaa - September 16

Ugh I dont find out til the 13th!! I am only 17 weeks... I havent gained any weight yet, yay. Ugh I want to know the s_x NOW!!!



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