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AMY - October 28

I thought this might be a cute Idea, Maybe all the feb. moms who would like to participate, post there name, e-mail, due date and what they are having (if they know) and I can match ppl up (in pairs) and we can get to know our partner, and what they would like.... Have a set date and send our partner a gift! For an ONLINE BABYSHOWER... We of course would have a date set for when the gift must be sent out and a date for when we can all open it, then we can get online and share our stories!!! I think this would be SOOO exciting! I would love for ppl to be as interested in this as I am! Trustworthy Honest ppl ONLY! I will set partners up way before the date in which the gifts should be sent so we have a chance to talk and share, whoever doesnt participate in that will be booted and that partner will be given a different person! B/C that wouldn't be fair! FEB. MOMS ONLY PLEASE, but feel free to use this Ideas to make a differnt month Online Babyshower.... Just tell me if you want to participate and give me your info and I will set ppl up as partners as a first come bases....Make sure I have your e-mail so I know how to contact you! OH I HOPE THIS WORKS!


Natalie - October 28

My name is Natalie, I am due on the 26th of February. my email address is Katscan2001@hotmail.com


Amy - October 28

Hi i'm Amy i'm due Feb 18th and my email is mykidz123@hotmail.com


Amy - October 28

Great, hope we get more girls soon!


Beth - October 28

My name is Beth W (I've seen more then one Beth on here) and I'm due Feb 02, I don't know what I'm having. What a good idea!


Seiche - October 28

I'm in! I'm due Feburary 1. I'm having a girl. My email address is seichesanders@hotmail.com.


Mandi - October 28

I am due February 7th, with my first baby BOY. I would love to participate. My email is mjm579@psu.edu


misty - October 28

My name is Misty, And I am due February 13. My e-mail address is hottmomaof5@aol.com I am going to have a little boy!!


Amy - October 28

I am still waiting on a few more people before I start to post partners... I thought that maybe we should go over shipping dates and Opening/online sharing dates to make sure everyone is comfortable with the dates set. Does anyone have a suggestion on month or date?


misty - October 28

how about the end of Janurary. This way the gifts will be in time for all who are due in the first week of Feb. Does this sound ok?


Mandi - October 28

I think any time after the holidays would be fine. I just don't want to wait until too late in January....as I am due the 7th....I just want to be on the safe side. I will more than likely buy and send out my gift right after the New Year....just to make sure that my partner gets her gift. In addition, are we setting a price limit on the gift (without shipping)? This is the GREATEST idea....plus who knows we might make some pretty interesting friends this way too.


misty - October 28

Mandi- you have a pretty good idea. I think after the new year sounds great!!!


A - October 28

January sounds like a great Month.... I think The gifts should be sent out by January 10th and we will make it a date to come online by the 15th to post what we got, and all.... Sound good? I hope this works out!


Amy - October 28

As far as Price range... I think $15-$20 is a good set price.. With shipping it should run about $25-$30... If this is too much Please let me know...


Bump - October 29



Amy - October 29

i think is sounds great after the new year and the price sound great to


Jessica - October 30

My name is Jessica and I am due on February 23, 2006. My email address is Jessabear16@yahoo.com



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