Feeling Baby For The First Time 16w4d

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Jessica - February 27

Does anyone want to describe the first time that they felt their baby move? I am 99% that this is what I'm feeling, and I'm having trouble putting it into words.


Helpful? - February 27

Does it feel like a little muscle twitch/spasm? I have always thought that's what my kids felt like that early on. Hope this helps.


Emily - February 27

Feels kina like a fluttering or rolling? That is how I would describe it. if you are over 16 weeks, you probably are feeling your baby. I didn't feel my first until 18 weeks but felt my 2nd two weeks earlier. It is a wanderfull feeling, isn't it?


livdea - February 27

early on it felt like gas...but wasn't. then, it felt like a tapping and now I can feel full on movements...I'm 20.5 weeks. It's really cool and I bet it's your baby!! YAY!


Jessica - February 27

I guess i would describe it as a tapping feeling,, not so much gas,, its in my lower abdomen, so I know its in the right place,, it also has seemed to be on the same side each time.. I have been keeping track and so far its been going on for about 5 days,, I was worried that it was too early since this is my first.. but I started out very pet_te before I got PG and I read that you have a better chance at feeling the baby sooner than 18 weeks??? thanks for the feed back and God bless!!


crisy - February 27

Hi, I felt my baby at 13.6 weeks. It was at 5h30 am and I was lying on my left side. I thought it was gas but then in the evening I had the same fluttering feeling. The moving evolved to a sort of feeling of bubble bursting, feeling like you have a fish in the belly then a feeling of rolling and now I feel elbows, feet and hands poking or sometimes it feels like the baby is jogging in my belly. I love it! It's my first baby! I had a miscarriage before so I'm really excited about everything I'm feeling. Hope my description helps you. Take care.


Nita - February 27

I started to feel my baby few days back. It started off as gas bubbles bursting inside..i think that's the best I could describe it. I feel it mostly when I'm sitting down in my sofa or lying on my bed. At first it was during the evening, but now it seems to happen even during the day when I'm sitting at my desk. Its such a nice feeling and am so happy to have finally felt it. I'm in my 23rd week and it's my first.


marie - February 27

I'm 18 weeks and 4 days. I think I felt my baby moved when I was 17 weeks. I thought I was having gas. My tummy was just rolling kinda like a twitch or spasm. I thought it was just gas... but my friends said that was my baby. I feel it now and again. I still don't know if it was my baby, but if that's how it supposed to feel, then I have felt him.


Inny - February 27

I first felt my baby in my 19th week. It felt like very light tapping and it was in a different spot than I have felt anything before (down lower than I thought I would feel it and right in the 'front' of my belly). I feel it usually every second day or so. Someone mentioned almost like a muscle twitching and that is how I would describe it as well - a twich or a light tap.


Been There - February 27

I can't tell for sure yet at 17 wks. Sometimes I think I feel a little push on my left side, but I'm not sure if it's just uterus growing twinges or what. I remember my other two feeling like bubbles.


Nora - February 28

I also describe it as a muscle spasm or twitch in the beginning. But usually it will happen a few times in a row or move to a different spot slightly - unlike a spasm would. Once you start feeling it more and more, you'll know for sure that's what it was! :)


lara - February 28

I've been feeling my little one the past few days too! (I'm 16w6d today)... I think it feels like when you put your hand on someone else's wrist to feel their pulse...except it's in your belly, of course. So neat, isn't it? :)


Rose - March 1

I have first started to feel my baby move when I was in the middle of my 15th week! At first I thought it was some gas, but as the feeling progressed I knew that it was my precious baby! Now I am currently 17wks and 2days and I feel the baby a lot stronger than I did just 2wks ago!!! So it all depends. This is my first child as well, but everyone is different!



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