Feeling Baby Move 14 Weeks

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Anonymous - October 3

Hi..I am @14 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and I swear every now and then I feel the baby move. Anyone else have this happen this early? I can't remember when I first felt it w/my other pregnancies.


Jamie - October 3

Hey, I'm 15 weeks tomorrow and I think that I sometimes feel the baby move here and there but I am not sure if it is just gas or something, this is my first baby though. My mom said she first felt me at 14 w 4 d though.


shelly - October 3

I felt the baby move @ 14 weeks and this is my 1st child.


:) - October 3

not to burst you're buble but that was something else you're baby at 14 weeks is to small to feel.


Jessica - October 3

The baby is not to small to feel at 14 weeks. It is actually common. They call it quickening. Get your facts straight.


nicky - October 3

the baby is not too small to feel at 14 weeks especially if you are in tune to your own body, i felt my babys flutters at around 13 weeks.and no it was not gas..


to all - October 3

I felt my baby at 14 weeks! this is my second and I know what it feels like. The baby is not too small, especially if you have a pet_te build!


janna - October 4

I definitly felt my baby @ 15w3d. I felt something even earlier, but at 15 weeks I was sure. Now I'm 17 w 3d and I feel my baby many times a day.


janna - October 4

oh, and this is my first. I'm also on a skinny side.


Christy - October 5

This is my 3rd baby and I was feeling her move at 14 weeks. It felt like ripples under my skin.


angelee - October 5

hi, i feel my baby move at 14 weeks too your not alone


chrissy - October 5

Hello...i am 18 weeks with my second child. i too felt movement very early..at about the same time. it wasnt until about 24 weeks when i felt my first child move.


Mandi - October 5

I am pregnant with my first. I knew I felt the baby move at about 13-14 weeks, but having never been pregnant, I just thought it might be gut movement. Then at about week 19, I SAW him move across by belly...I knew then the movements I felt very early on were definitely him.


JJ - October 11

I googled this site looking to see if anyone else was wondering the same thing. This is my second baby and I am barely 14 weeks, but I swear I can feel baby moving. Doesn't feel like any gas I can remember.


SS - October 11

I felt my bub move at 13-14 weeks. I asked the midwife and she said it's definately possible, since I'm pet_te.


Heather - October 12

THe baby is not to small to feel at 14 weeks, in fact at 14 weeks the baby is already 3 inches long (at the least). For all of you that have admitted to feeling you baby, I am also 14 weeks and am positive I am feeling the fantastic flutter of my little one (isnt it great!). My doctor has confirmed, every woman is different and many can begin feeling movement as early at 14 weeks.


rl - October 12

yeah this is my 3rd and I felt movement from him very early around 14wks it was not lots and not every day or anything but I felt it...I am now 23wks and feel him all the time!!



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