Feeling BLAH While Pregnant

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mom_of_1 - March 4

Hey Ladies! You are all so great with all things brought up on here I thought I would throw this out there :) I LOVE being pregnant. I am Super proud of my Bump and all. But at the same time I cant help but feel SOOOOOOOOOO fat and ugly! I am 19 weeks today and I am actually down 2 pounds since I got pregnant (I was overweight to start with) And I was feeling pretty good about myself before getting prego, and I am VERY happy at my weight for this time. But I feel Huge and Ugly. My DH is SOOOO Awesome. He is always telling me how good I look and how s_xy I am. He is in Love with the belly, rubs and talks to it all the time (This is DD #2, first is 18 months). I never really had this nasty Blah feeling with #1 I was fine with my looks cause I was pregnant. This time though I have mixed feelings. Anyone else experience this? I have lost all self confidence I have, and It took me a LONG time to get it in the first place :(


jal239 - March 4

Don't worry. your feelings are normal. One day you could feel great the next you feel like you got hit by a MAC truck. I feel the same way sometimes. Some days I feel like I could be pregnant all the time and other days I wonder how I am gonna last the next 16 weeks, but somehow we do ok. The prize in the end is SOOOOOOOOOO worth it. I find when I feel ugly I go shopping for clothes for me or the baby. it always seems to help. Don't worry, spring is right around the corner and that tends to put people in a better mood. Hang in there!!!!!


cors1wfe - March 4

That is normal - I too was overweight when I got pg this time and unexpectedly at that - I was feeling less than myself and not s_xy at all my but husband walks around and whispers in my ear - babe you're a s_xy b___h ...LMAO - it makes me smile - he is always telling me how s_xy I am and for me not to worry about how I look - he said he could never compare me to any skinny minny cuz they haven't loved him enough to bear his children and let their bodies get out of whack- he said after effects ie stretch marks, weight etc are battle scars of birth - he said they are LOVE SCARS and he loves me more and more everyday - especially the days that I am dog tired and I cook and do all my daily stuff. This change is temporary even though it leaves some permanent reminders but those things make us who we are today.


heatherjene - March 4

I'm sure every woman has been right in your position - I know I have. I don't always like what I see in the mirror, but I believe as women we are WAY too hard on ourselves to start with. My boyfriend reminds me all the time... "Heather! - you are pregnant- you're supposed to be round with big b___bs!" LOL. But seriously - just hold your head up and know in your heart that you are beautiful, and being pregnant is a wonderful thing to be proud of. It sounds like your dh already loves what he sees.


softbreeze200 - March 4

And if all of those wonderful words of encouragement don't help, just remember that the most important one is your baby that you are growing. And your little one doesn't care what you look like or how much weight you gain or how big your b___bs have gotten, that baby loves you unconditionally with no reservations already and has yet to see through its own eyes. It truly is a miracle and it is human nature to be hard on our selves, but in thruths we should be praising ourselves for what we are accomplishing. My grandma once told me "that it is hard playing God, creating life and all of that and to never be hard on myself during the time in which I am doing this" I am trying to follow her quirky and funny advise and so far I can pop myself out of my negative feelings or self conciousness and know that the baby doesn't care - In his/her eyes I am perfect. Sorry for rambling!!


fefer1 - March 4

I feel more blah with baby #2. I gained 60 pounds with my dd and am not doing as bad this time, but I never had enough recovery time inbetween. Liek you, my dd is 18 months and I'm 27 weeks pregnant. She was only a year old! I was JUST starting to get my body back when I got pregnant again. Now I feel so out of shape, unnatractive, round and blah too. I know it's normal but I still don't like it.


mom_of_1 - March 4

Thank you ladies sooooooooo much! I guess just knowing I am not alone makes it easier. I feel bad venting to my husband cause I know inside it is just these crazy Hormones making me feel this way. I am SOOOOOO happy with my baby bump and my b___bs(I wish I could keep them this size forever!) :) But my b___t, legs, the dark skin patches kicking in :( And I hate knowing that spring/summer is coming cause it is going to be hot and I wont be able to cover up in jeans and sweatshirts! grrr....I was soooooo happy to get pregnant, now all I can think about is getting fit! :( Thankfully I was only a little over weight, I had lost all my baby weight from DD#1, and I am already doing WAYYYYY better this time then I did with her :) Can't wait to have my body back and be HOLDING my new little angel instead of caring her! I think I am just going to try for the Damint! Who cares, I am PREGNANT! state of mind....makes things easier!


llukenjess - March 7

OMG i feel horrible i actually called my fiance this morning while i am at work to tell him that i am sorry for looking how i look...he tells me to stop and that i am beautiful, and that he loves me and thinks i am so cute while preggers. But i just feel like he's saying that to make me feel better! but it doesn't make me feel better! my hair my face i'm fat...it's horrible. i usually have high self esteem, but it just had took an nose dive anything i can do to make myself feel pretty?


mom_of_1 - March 7

Aww! I just had a crying attack about this last night with my DH and he says the same things (All the time, he LOVES when I am Prego). So I have decided this weekend I am going to get my Hair Cut and Dyed! And probably a new outfit too! Maybe something like that would help you feel better. I always kinda takes my mind off my body cause I am so focused on my hair :) Or take a day and get a facial or something? Hang in there I know EXACTLY how you are feeling! And I am sure you are super cute prego :)


llukenjess - March 7

Thanks mom of 1 it's so hard to go through this i cry about it, then i cry more cuz i'm crying and i dont want the baby to feel me cryin! LOL it's like a vicious circle! But i just got some new clothes i think i need to get a hair cut and die...that probs would work. Im a natural red head and my fiance DOESN"T want me to die my hair...i HATE my red hair(this is new since being preggers i used to love it)


mom_of_1 - March 7

I do the same thing, I cry and my DH will ask if I am ok. Of course I say I am fine, its just the hormones, but then if he doesnt come take care of me I get upset and cry more, yet if he comes and hugs me I still cry more! :) He he he... they must love us to put up with all this! At least it WILL go away! Promise! Be thru it once, same story....this time is worse though :( I LOVE red hair. my Best friend (since we were 5 yrs old)has Red hair, she never wanted to dye it but wanted something different so she got Blond highlights, just some not a ton and it looks GREAT. best part is they didnt stand out to the point where she has to get them touched up all the time, just when she wants :)


llukenjess - March 11

Yeah well maybe that's what i'll do...get some highlights. I'm getting a cut later this week so...What is DH mean? I'm sure about all the symbols...how are you feeeling today? better? IT seems i feel worse...i have a whole load of junk going on and it's just adding to how horrible i feeel. I want to be positive, it's just hard. my bf is so supportive which helps alot. you're right they MUST love of ALOT to deal with all this...I do the same thing you do...i cry and he asks if i'm ok and then i say i'm fine....then if he come to help i cry more and if he doesnt i cry more...LOL it's s crazy!!


Faye84 - March 11

I felt like c___p with my DD i always felt ugly. This time around I dont give a c___p. If someone thinks I look ugly then they can shove it. Theres a baby growing in you, how are you suppose to feel s_xy when your b___bs hurt, you feel bloated and your gaining weight. I think Ive just taught myself to not think about it anymore lol.


llukenjess - March 11

lol i wish i could do that...well this is basically my first time i have a m/c my first pregnancy and i barely had any signs i didn't gain weight...my b___bs didint hurt. so it's like i'm dealing with it for the first time...it's a real shocker! LOL


mom_of_1 - March 11

DH means Dear Husband or Hubby. Sorry to hear you are feeling worse. Life is stressful and that never helps anything. I am ok, kinda better. I talked to my hubby, ok I broke down to him, sobbing, yelling the whole nine yards and he was totally cool with it! He listened and supported me the whole time and keep telling me that he LOVES when I am prego, my body is perfect and blah blah. I of course didnt believe him, because HELLO I can see myself in the mirror. But then the next day I felt alot better. guess I needed to get it out. He really does love me more, or I guess I mean loves me in a different way now that I have had his child and about to have another. It changes the way men see us I think, for the better :) I am waiting a few weeks to get my hair done, but got my nails done and that is always nice! I also had my Dr apt last thrusday I was 19 weeks and 3 days and I am still down 2 lbs from when I got prego! YAY! So that made me feel WAYYYYYYYY better. I can still wear most my regular jeans with a hairtie around the b___ton, but my prego jeans are my fav. I am not as round as I was with my first and but this time that pregnancy I was up almost 15 lbs. So I am proud of myself. I was over weight to start with though, about 5 lbs heavier then I was the first time, so that is why I think I am being so hard on myself this time. Hang in there, by glad you have a good bf to support you and try to enjoy that little bean moving around in there! When are you due? Do you know what your having? I am due 07-31-08 and we are having another little girl. Her name will be Lily Hope.


LeslieM - March 11

hi mom of 1...ok, i have been feeling that same way...LOVE the belly and enormous b___bs, hate the arms, legs, b___t, chins....and the fact that nothing fits, even with a belly band and unb___toned. anyway, here is what i have been doing...i highlighted my hair....on the weekends i sit outside for an hour or so in the sun with sunscreen on. sunshine is the best source of vitamin D and sun is fantastic for the soul. plus the little bit of color in my face helps! then i joined the civic center gym where i live (10 bucks a YEAR, and its low-profile, not so many PERFECT bodies to have to look at). i walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then workout my triceps and biceps. the excersize and the sun and the taking care of myself has really lifted the blahs...and i know my hubby loves that i am doing all this. remember that no matter how blah we feel, that our partners think w are gorgeous! good luck...and remember....YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!


mom_of_1 - March 11

Thanks Leslie! I am glad it is getting warmer outside I cant wait. This weekend my DD and I played outside and it was wonderful. I too walk on the treadmill 20-30 mins at least 4-5 days a week but with DD being 18mos she gets most ALL my time :) I think if it werent for her I would be really depressed. I am getting my hair re-done in a few weeks and I am going to try Mystic Tan (The spray on kind) my Dr said it is PERFECTLY safe, so I figure what the hey :)



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