Feeling Dizzy

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Cheryl - November 9

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and this last week I've been feeling really dizzy. I could be driving, walking, sitting or lying down. There doesn't seem to be a pattern for the dizziness. Does anyone know if this is normal or not? I go to the doctor on Monday for my regular prenatal appointment and I'm going to talk to my doctor about it, but any advice would be great.


Jennifer - November 9

Have you ever had a problem with blood pressure? I have pretty low blood pressure, usually 90/55 and I have to be careful especially standing up too quickly or walking too fast. I almost pa__sed out in the store yesterday and had to plop down on the middle of the floor with my head between my knees. That was rather embarra__sing to say the least! Get your blood pressure checked.


sparkles - November 9

I, also, have low blood pressure and it has caused me to be very dizzy during my pregnancy so far. I can't stand up too quickly or I'll come close to pa__sing out. Definately have your blood pressure monitored. When you go to stand up, shake your legs a little to get the blood circulating before you actually stand. The thing that does concern me is that your getting dizzy even when not moving-lying down, driving, etc... I've never gotten dizzy with those activities. I would address this with your doctor as soon as you can.


Dana - November 10

Hey cheryl. my doc says my blood pressure is perfect, but once a week ar so I will feel like i am going to pa__s out and no matter position I am in either. It's really scary everything will just go black and my face gets super pale. It started at 20 weeks and i just had another one at 25 weeks. Im actually scared to drive. Let me know what your doc says.


me - November 11

Have had the same prob, not too often though. Today when I was sitting at the computer screen, suddenly my dizzy eyes made it shift. And my blood sugar got too low while I was working one day, almost pa__sed out. Have never felt like that before, it was really scary. Seems more common when a pregnant woman will change positions, for example from sitting to standing suddenly, but I'm in good health, have always had good blood pressure (even now) my baby's doing fine, & I still get that.



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