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apple - August 6

Hello Ladies, This isn't really a question but I didn't know who else to talk to. I've been feeling really down today, depressed and irritated; earlier I was just downright cranky. For no reason!!! It is so frustrating, I like to think i'm a pretty positive person, i'm usually in a good mood and i'm laid back and then wham! mood change. I just want it to end! My belly seems to be getting bigger these last couple of days, I'm almost to the third trimester, just another couple of days to go. I'm sorry to be so negative, but it just makes me feel better to get it off my chest. Anyone else ever feel this way?


E586467 - August 6

Oh you poor thing I can relate. This is my 3rd pregnancy & I have NEVER been much of a crier, but the stupidest thing will get me going. Like you I start out in a cranky mood than wham I'm in tears or close too it. The other day I was having a bad day hormone wise, & at dinner hubby took an interest in the new recipe I had tried, & all I heard was him not liking it. Well I burst into tears & said 'don't worry I won't make it again' & he just looked at me liked a stunned mullet, lol. After hugging me & rea__suring me he liked it, & he was just curious as to how I had made it, I felt like SUCH an idiot crying over nothing (especially as I KNOW how much he usually like my cooking). Anyway I hope you feel happier soon & don't think for a second you are being negative by posting your feelings, it can definitely help to talk to others about how you feel.


micsmms3 - August 6

I know what you mean, I relate. 1st tri I felt like I needed to check myself into an inst_tution it was so bad, 2nd seems more bearable though. I'm glad your husband responded sweetly to you. Do you know if stressing, and feeling sad have any affects on the baby?


E586467 - August 7

I couldn't imagine that stress or feeling down would be good for the baby, but how do you stop feeling that way? Apart from taking something like valium which would hurt the baby, I don't think you can. I am 18wks & sometimes find myself yelling or snapping at dh or the kids for NO reason, & find that if I ignore it, it gets worse. The best thing I've found when I'm in a cranky/snappy mood is too yell or scream really loudly into a pillow lol. No kidding it seems to help & because the pillow hides most of the sound, everyone else doesn't get a fright or think your a nut job (including the poor baby) lol. Crying on the other hand I seem to bottle up, but when I do start I just cry & cry & cry until I feel better. Boy pregnancy really does make us nuts.



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