Feeling Down Lately

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Cad0587 - January 30

I've been feeling so down lately, it sucks. Not only am I having anxiety about the baby, because there's so much we have to do in our apartment before the baby comes. But I feel so alone. I don't talk to my family and I moved to Massachusetts with my husband and my friends are like 2 hours away which doesn't seem liek tooo much but I don't get to see them a lot, at all. It sucks, I wish I had a good girlfriend around here to hang out. It just sucks, is anyone else away from their friends or anything like that?


lily10 - January 30

Hi Cad, Welcome to Ma__s (I also live in MA). Perhaps you could sign up for a prenatal yoga cla__s or something along those lines. I moved to Maine for a few years and I was away from my family and friends so I do know what it's like.


Cad0587 - January 30

Yeah, especially when you're pregnant, you want a friend to go shopping with! haha but thanks for the advice, I didn't think about the cla__s thing.


Crystal Star - January 31

I am currently living in Washington and all my family lives in Arizona. It sucks not being able to have them here for me. This is my first pregnancy that has survived.


krissy1980 - February 1

I live in Michigan and all my family lives in Florida, so Believe me, I know exactly how you feel! This is also my first pregnancy, and to top it off, my father pa__sed away a day after I found out I was pregnant..I didn't even get a chance to tell him:(


Tracy88 - February 1

Krissy, that sucks about your dad. I'm sorry it had to happen that way. Cad0587, I used to get so lonely and depressed because I had also moved, left all I knew behind, and started over on my own in a new city. Eventually I met my husband, but still found that I had no new friends to hang out with, etc.... and since I was struggling with getting PG, I found the infertility board and made some great friends. Now I am 24 weeks PG and on the pregnancy board, but still visit my friends dealing with infertility. This website has been my life saver. I still struggle with having people to just plain "hang out" with or talk to sometimes, but I got a part time job at the mall to satisfy my craving for company. I work there for fun and have made some great friends. So, my point is, if you need someone to talk to and just shoot the sh** with, you can pop on here at any time and usually there is someone here. Where in Ma__s do you live? My husband and I want to move to Boston in a few years. I am currently in Florida. How far along are you?



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