Feeling Dumb Lazy And A Tad Guilty

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TamaraAngel - February 21

So here's what happened - A week ago my mom dropped off milk for me and i forgot to put it in the refridgerator... so it sat out all night at room temperature! When i noticed it out, i put it in the fridge (like 7 hours later!). Well, the more i thought about it i decided NOT to drink it. So, i bought new milk and put it in the fridge... BUT i never took the "bad" milk out! Well last night, i accidentally drank a half glass of the "bad" milk and it tasted awful!!! I looked at the date and it was 5 days past due, on top of the other issue!!! I am so mad at myself for grabbing the wrong one and for being so lazy that i never threw it out! I waited an hour before going to bed last night to see how i felt. I felt fine, no belly ache. I forgot about it when i woke up this morning, but as soon as i walked into the bathroom i threw up... curdled milk! (Sorry TMI). So it sat in my stomach ALL night. How bad do you think this is for the baby???


MNMOM - February 21

You'll be fine, your system dumped it by throwing up, your baby won't be harmed by some sour milk anyway :)


suze42 - February 21

You poor thing...its not a big deal. Sour milk just tastes bad...i dont think its really harmful. at least you got rid of it..yucky but probably a good thing.


lily10 - February 21

Don't get down on yourself for these types of things. I don't think this will hurt the baby at all so try not to worry. I have been taking things out of the freezer such as frozen corn and putting it back in random places like the cereal cabinet and i didn't notice till 3 days later.


TamaraAngel - February 22

Lol... Lily, that's funny. Glad to know i'm not the only one making stupid mistakes! Thanks for the pep talk girls! :o)


rjrmi - February 22

Your not the only one making stupid mistakes. I weigh myself almost every day and the day my stomach popped out I weighed 3 lbs more than the day before! I couldn't believe that I had gained 3 lbs and I told alot of people. Turns out our scale was bumped and got set ahead 3 lbs. I didn't gain anything. Oops!!


suze42 - February 22

I backed up out of my driveway yesterday and hit my neighbors car! I knew it was there...but I zoned out and "crunch". It wasnt that bad...but I felt like an idiot. Especially b/c when I was this far along w/my DS I did the EXACT same thing!!! Different neighbor. Isnt that wierd? I think you really do lose your senses when you pg! And for me it was like that for a good 2 yrs or so after DS was born...The first year I had him, I caught myself out w/my shirt inside out several times.



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