Feeling Fluey Really Hot

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bellybubble - April 28

Hi Ladies, Just having a little stress attack here - I think i am getting the flu or something - really hot, sweating lots even with air-con cranked and feel a bit sick and stuffy with diarreaha (sp?). Anyhow will this affect my bub in anyway - still drinking lots of fluids and eating as my appet_te is still there - I guess I am mainly worried about how hot I am - can someone put my mind at ease - I have a docs app tomorrow for check up - is it safe to hold out till then? Thanks for any advise. :)


mjvdec01 - April 28

I had influenza two months ago and was a__sured that my baby would be fine. Actually, your body takes what it needs for the baby first and then lets you have the left overs. I was told by my OB to drink a full gla__s of water everytime I got up to pee. That is very important. If you are at all dehydrated it could put you in to premature labor, and who needs that. Also, you can take up to 1000mg's of Tylenol every 6 hours during the day and 1000mg's of Tylenol PM at night to help you sleep. Don't take any other medications especially ibuprophen. You will be fine. Try to eat what you can and rest as much as possible. Also know that Tamiflu is NOT okay for pregnant women. Let me know how you are doing. I promise your baby is and will be fine. I had the same concerns and was a__surred by both my OB and the nurse that he would be alright. Also, Tylenol is perfectly safe for pregnancy, there have been hundreds of studies done and it is fine to take.


bellybubble - April 29

Thanks for replying! That put my mind at ease - I have been drinking lots of fluids so that is good. I have my doc appointment this morning too so thats good - get to hear the heartbeat again - am going to try and record it this time so hubby can hear it - he is on day shift so couldnt come :(. Wow not long now till we are in the 3rd tri is it???? Hope you are doing great!!!! :) xx


stefkay - April 29

You should be fine, but whatever you do don't let your temp get up over 100 if possible. Take tylenol (safe in pregnancy) as prescribed to keep the fever down and you should be fine!



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