Feeling Kicks Or Flutters

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sunshyne9 - June 14

Hi everyone.. Im 17w 3days today due nov.19th with my second child. I was just wondering when and how much everyone is feeling there little bombino move? I felt something about 2 weeks ago and nothing really since. Its buggin me alot, Im a heavier girl and wondering if maybe I might be later feeling it becasueof that.. but then I think that it shouldn't matter becasue the baby is inside of me lol lol Kinda silly I know.. just want some reasurrance I guess. My next ultrasound is july 7th, hopefully can see the s_x then.. Pls join here if you want.. thanx


Jennifer28 - June 14

Hi Sunshyne! I am 15w 3d today and felt the little one for the 1st time yesterday. No doubt in my mind it was the bby. ;) Sorry I can't be much rea__surance to you since I am a couple of weeks behind you, but you made me realize I'm not crazy - I did feel the flutter of my little one. What an awesome feeling... Anyway, I am waiting for my next u/s also - July 5. We'll be finding out the s_x in the same week! Pretty exciting!! I hope someone joins the thread that can give you some rea__surance. Good luck!


AmyF - June 14

I'm 22 weeks and I've been feeling the little bambino since about 15-16 weeks. He kicks the c___p out of me now. I'm wondering if he is going to be the star kicker of an NFL team in the future. :)


Cocozen - June 14

lol AmyF


mandee25 - June 14

I am 17w 5d pregnant with my first child and currently weigh 198 lbs at 5"7, so I am heavier than most women. I am due November 15 and have been having the same worries these past 4 days. I first felt Peanut move at about 14 and a half weeks and it has been pretty consistent but the past few days I haven't felt as much movement as I have before and am wondering if there is something wrong. Maybe it's just because I am getting used to the "flutters" and that's why I don't notice it or maybe when I am sleeping he or she is moving then. Our first u/s is scheduled for July 7 too sunshyne!!! I cannot wait!!!


ElizabethAnn - June 14

Hello ladies! I'm 17w1d, and i'm 5'6, and weigh 204 pounds! Yesterday was the first day i THINK i felt the baby!!!! It was like the baby slightly poked the inside of my belly!! I think our weight is a reason we dont feel antyhing as soon as everyone else! I heard it can take up too 24 weeks to really feel anything! i sure hope we all start feeling movement soon! Happy pregnancy to everyone! oh yeah, i wanted to add that my next ultrasound is july 7th too! Cant wait to find out the s_x! Even though my doc said she can only give me 85% accuracy!!


MM - June 14

I started feeling baby a little over a week ago - I am about 18.5 weeks. I only feel it when I am sitting still though.


Jennifer28 - June 14

MM- So far, I have only felt it when I was sitting, too! Granted, it was only yesterday so things are bound to change. :) I haven't felt a thing today so I understand your worries already, sunshyne. Elizabethanne - all three times I felt it yesterday it was a little poke as well!! How funny.


CaliTrish - June 14

I'm 23w4d with my first, and I just started feeling my lil bean a week ago. They told me I had an anterior placenta (up front), so it might take me a little longer to feel movement. First it was just the occasional "bump" I could feel with my hand, so light I wasn't sure. But this past weekend, the "bumps" got more frequent, and my dh even felt some. I could even see my tummy jiggle once in awhile. I definitely feel it more when I'm slouching or lying on my back. My lil bean seems to get active every few hours, especially noticeable right before bedtime and about 5AM. I'll probably get a good 6-10 kicks within 15 minutes and then things calm down. Now, I can actually feel flutters every now and then from the inside that feel like really big bubbles. They almost make feel a little queasy, sort of like indigestion but not in my stomach. So, don't worry. Pretty soon you'll feel your little bombino all the time.


tndrlvn - June 14

Hi everyone!!! I am 16 weeks TODAY!!!, I have yet to feel my little squirt move......however i thought yesturday maybe it would have been baby......but my sister said no it wouldn't have been that.....It was like a sharp jab in my lower belly very short lasting and strong, not hurtful....but wierd.....i have had cramping the last few days.....I am so excited this is myfirst....i have my next U/S on July 5th... dh and i don't want to know the s_x for our first one.....i want it to be a surprise.....i know every woman is diferent but i guess the feeling of baby is the same.......Cali you said you felt kickin befor the flutters......does anyone think what i felt was baby??? iknow my sister thinks she knows it all so i never know what to believe with here......lol she like my other mom...hahahah


tndrlvn - June 14

also does anyone have an idea on when the hubby will be able to feel baby move?? I would feel sorry for to not be able to experience it with me


tndrlvn - June 14

for him* to not experience it with me.....sorry....thinking faster then i am typing hahaha


KLT - June 14

I'm at 22 weeks now (due Oct 17th) and I THINK I feel my baby kicking. Its hard to tell, but i'm almost certain its her and not a gas bubble or something. Its in the same place each time though. I can't feel her with my hand on my belly but feel it from within. I was having these weird flutters in my chest that felt like an anxiety flutter.. I can't tell if thats related to the baby kicking or moving? Its uncomfortable getting this "nervous" feeling..and yet i'm not nervous or anything. Is that a flutter i'm feeling?? I was watching one of those baby shows on the health channel on TV and this couple shined a flashlight on the belly and the baby would react to it and the husband could sometimes see the baby moving around. I'm anxious to try that! Have any of you ladies done that before?


Kristen - June 14

I am 18 weeks today and I have been feeling little flutters in my belly for about two weeks now but 2 days ago I really felt some movement and have been ever since. It is a cool feeling. I am having twin boys so maybe that is why I can feel them so well. I am little too 5'0" currrently 129 pounds.


sunshyne9 - June 15

OMG ladies.. thank you so much for all your input.. today I was sitting at my desk.. kinda sittin up.. and well guess what/? I totally felt the baby more.. for about 10 mins.. it was amazing.. I sat so still not to move or make the baby stop lol Just totally enjoyed the whole time. OMG im soo happy now lol Hey Mandee and Elizabeth that's awesome we all go on July 7th for our u/s and hopefullyfind ouw what we are having... You will both for sure have to come on and let me know. tha'ts amazing. HOly cow the baby is moving right now lol It must like or dislike the way im sitting right now lol Anywyas ladies have an awesome weekend as im off work tomorrow and this is where I access this site.. I will for sure be back on on monday :)


CaliTrish - June 15

tndrlvn, I think I wasn't able to feel the little "flutters" that most women are feeling. I would lie/sit there holding my belly waiting to feel something. Finally, I started feeling little "bumps" like little kicks or punches, some stronger than others. Now, "Flutters" would be too mild a description for what I've been feeling inside. It's more like big bubbles popping in my stomach. It really is an amazing and weird sensation.


KLT - June 15

Thats what i'm feeling..bubbles popping. Its so weird! I mostly feel mine at nite. I guess the baby is more active when you are rested? I heard that during the day when you are up and doing things, the constant movement is kinda soothing for the baby so s/he sleeps... I dunno.



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