Feeling Kinda Low Depressed

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dumpy - January 29

well, tommorrow I will be 22 weeks and this past week I feel like I have crashed in the emotion department. I feel low-if that makes sense. I am also worried about having another baby when we currently have an 18 month old. My husband doesn't understand my frustration when all I've heard all day is "NO!"-he doesn't spend everyday with our son-I love him to death, but he keeps me so busy that I can't imagine having a baby too. I feel as though I am a cook, maid, and now a baby maker.....I don't want to feel this way-I just do, I think it is my hormones. My husband doesn't get it cause he doesn't even comprehend what it is like to be pregnant-can anyone relate??


angel r - January 29

well i am only 17 weeks but i felt like i have been riding an emotional rollercoaster for weeks. I have a 10 yr old girl that thinks shes 16 a husband to be that lives in the states i live in canada we see each other alot i was working over the boarder but recently decided i couldnt handle it. My boyfriend says he understands how i feel but he doesn't i am alone where i am only my daughter and myself my family and friends lives about 2 hours away from me. All i do is cook and clean and homework all day everyday i have asked him when he is home on weekends or the few days during the week to help out but no luck unless i take a fit. he'll ask me why am i so tired if i am home all day even when i worked and i left my home at 8 am and came home by 9pm he just did'nt get it. unlike you that has a baby what will keep you busy i have a ten yr old that i am trying to make understand that mom is not superwoman i need help too she is getting it i hope he does soon the way you feel is normal and the way he is i think is too. men don't understand how a womam feels normally much less during pregnancy. you have to find time for your self go on strike days i call them except for watching your little one during the day in away you have to demand it not out of anger but in a way that your husband can comprehend most men believe woman are strong and they are correct but we are human. For me I find my self writing to relax me my thoughts worries and sometimes i share them with him the funny thing is he hears me more when the words are written then if i tell him how i feel dont forget you have to feel good right now for yourself, your baby and the one inside try not to stress i just learned that good luck


Shell - January 29

Sorry, not from the US or Canada, my friend had the same stress about having 2 in the house, is it an option to put your first born into day care 1 or 2 days per week even if only just for a few hours? That might get you some rest plus some time alone with No 2 when they arrive. I am 17 wks with a 17mth old at home but I work full time. When I give up work, I am keeping first born in day care 1 day a week and sending him to grandma's 1 day a week so he gets to see fresh faces and I get some time with No 2 and the chores! Good luck and don't stress - remember the smiles and cuddles that will make up for it all. And think of how the parents of twins and triplets manage! (I have no idea how they do it!)


lindsay - January 30

dumpy, i totally feel you on this one.... i will be 22 weeks on feb. 1, and i have had 2 major meltdowns this week. one was today, about my husband, and i had one earlier in the week regarding my 3 1/2 year old son... i had been on him to pick up all his toys for 2 days and everytime i turned around, he pulled something else out , so i finally "snapped" i was screaming and bawling at this poor toddler about how he didn't respect me or his stuff... it was ugly and so silly in retrospect to think i reacted to toys in that way, but it's like you said, you're the cook, maid, baby maker, etc... i know it is the stress of my life right now that is making me have meltdowns... i hate my job, which i am returning to on tues after a month of being laid off... i don't want to go back... i've been so miserable for so long , but i feel stuck... what sense does it make for anyone to hire a 5 month preganant woman? plus, i'm really not qualified for any desk work, which would be ideal... i'm the sous chef of a country club right now, on my feet ALL day. so in light of deciding that i hate my job, and my career choice of nearly 9 years does not fit my lifestyle of trying to be wife and mommy, i have decided to go back to school fall semester, for a COMPLETE career change. so basically, my baby will be not quite 3 months when i do this. i'm freaking out about having a then 4 year old, new born, school, finances, childcare and trying to keep my household held together!!! and i DO NOT feel that my husband has the slightest inclination of what all this is doing to me... hence, the meltdown today.i really don't know what to tell you, or myself... it is so overwhelming, plus i have no support system... my entire family lives 5 hours away in ohio (i'm in PA) and my wonderful mom-in-law is 5 hours away in maryland. i just keep telling myself that plenty of weenies have conquered what they were faced with and i'm strong and i can do this... i have to hold it together for my precious babies, the reason i live and breathe...


dumpy - January 30

hi ladies-I am glad to see that I people who can relate. Lindsay-I too, am in college, I have finished all my cla__ses to the point that I can't start my clinicals till the fall cla__s starts-I always bring up how I will manage finishing with two kids to dh, and he says "you can do it," But for me, I will believe it when I see it-ya know" I guess I have a case of being scared of the unknown. I am feeling better today though. I know that woen deal with these same issues everyday-I guess you just have to get through it-most come out on the other side ok. Shell-I think my sil will be willing to take my oldest for a day or two a week, I think that she'll be around a lot after the baby is born to help once my dh goes back to work. I guess I need to find a better outlet for my stress-I took long bubble bath yesterday and that helped a lot. Thanks Ladies, good luck to you all!


Kiddolebel - January 30

Im with you on this one too. I have a two year old and im 23 weeks. Those terrible twos...UGH. By the time hubby comes home all I want to do it cry and sleep. He thinks its going to be easy once this baby is here. HA! Think again hubby. But he isnt here all day either dealing with it. I do give him credit though, when he IS home he helps me out A LOT.


m3 - January 30

I'm 25wks with my 3rd. I have a 7yr old with ADHD and a 19 month old who is hock to mommy like super-clue. I am alone. I am going bacl to school in the fall. Not sure how its going to work. I sit and wonder evert night if I'm stonge enough to handle there needs having 3 counting on me so much. I understand freaking out over toys. I have done it too, and after you feel like dirt. I try not to cry till there in bed, but sometimes its hard. Today i freaked- My oldest decided screaming while she was playing was neca__sary-my 19 month old got into my soda and dumped it all over the table and floor and was crying cause her nap was cut short for my drs appt. I was on the phone with the gas comp and making dinner. I just felt like if one more thing happened or went wrong I would just burst. So I turned dinner of finished my call cleaned up and told my kids to go sit and be quiet or go in time out. Then I went and stood outside the backdoor, were they could see me but it gave me a moment to gather myself. No its not easy. We have 3 and 4 jobs just in the house. When most men have 1 all day. My ex use to tell me he didnt understand why I felt or acted the way I do, till I left him home to cook,clean and tend to the kids for a afternoon. After that he was alittle better about things. Some time alone at night either just watching tv, reading a book or a nice bath by candle light helps to get you relaxed to start a new day over.



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