Feeling Out Of It

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Sovi - January 29

I'm 15 weeks, 5 days and ladies I feel so out of it. Not only do I still do not feel pregnant, but I think I'm in denial about it. Besides that, it feels like just when things are going to get better, they seem to don't. I know I need a job but it feels like a dead end. No one seems to want to hire a pregnant woman, due to the possible extensive prenatal appointments. Besides that, I really am up and down with my boyfriend. Sometimes I want him around and sometimes I don't. I know it's due to the hormones, but I don't want to damage this relationship and our future. To top it off, I've been rather short fused lately. I also noticed I've been slightly depressed. Oh, ladies...


suze42 - January 29

Sovi, its probably mostly hormones...Ive been feeling a bit down also, Im so tired I cant seem to motivate to do much outside the house...and its freakin cold here, which I hate. I so want spring to come. It also sounds like you have alot on your plate..trying to get a job, boyfriend issues...werent you about to move or find another place to live also...?? Give yourself a bit of a break and try not to take your feelings too seriously, knowing that much of it is due to pregnancy and this too shall pa__s! Good Luck


krnj - January 29

Sovi, Suze is right, it's probably mostly hormones. I know that the winter always gets to me too. I feel like I'm becoming a hermit being cooped up with my 11 month old son. It's been too cold here to take him out. I don't know what kind of work you do but have you tried employment agencies? I always had pretty good luck with them when I was looking for jobs. Things will work out, you'll see!


TamaraAngel - January 30

Why don't you apply at a daycare center? They hire mostly women and are sensitive to the needs of women (ie. prenatal appnts). If you only work 3 - 4 days a week you can a__sure them at the interview that you'll make every attempt to schedule appnts on your days off. Or some centers are open late so you could work like 10 - 6pm and schedule appnts early in the morning. Once the baby is born, you can enroll the baby at the same daycare center, get a discount, and see your baby on breaks. I have been considering doing this, but hate to leave my current job b/c i love it so much! Good luck and i hope you feel better soon. Hormones do crazy things! I cry so much every single day!! Songs, commercials, movies, TV shows... everything makes me cry!!



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