Feeling The Baby

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Amie - August 31

I so badly want to feel this baby. I am in my 16th week and so far, nothing! Is this normal? What should I be looking out for?


carol - August 31

Yes this is normal. I didn't feel any movement to around 22 weeks. You will begin to feel little b___terfly movements soon. It also depends what position the baby is lying and where the placenta is.Good luck


Jenny M. - August 31

Hi Amie, I am 20 weeks pregnant and have not felt the baby yet. I went in for an ultrasound at 18 weeks and we could see him moving around and kicking, but I couldn't feel it. I think it's been mentioned before here that if you don't feel anything by 24 weeks then you should be more concerned. Hope this puts your mind more at ease. I am very anxious to feel my baby start to move too!


Amie - August 31

Thanks ladies for your answers...sometimes I am concentrating too much on feeling the flutters...lol...I just can't wait...


jb - August 31

Im 16 weeks too. I havent felt the baby move at all. I know how you feel. All I want is to feel the baby. :o( Hopefully in a few more weeks we will start to feel it.


elizabeth - September 1

i am also 16 weeks and 1 day...i have not felt the baby move either and i cant wait...im so anxious...it seems like this pregnancy is going so slow because i cant wait to see my baby in feb.


Hanna - September 2

I am twenty weeks today and have just started feeling the baby. It doesn't happen very often though. I couldn't feel a thing until a couple of days ago. Try not to worry!


26w - September 2

Just be patient ladies... I began feeling mine move around twenty weeks. Now at twenty six weeks he is moving my whole stomach! Not only can we feel him kicking but we can watch my belly jump from his kicks as well! It's awesome! That's the word my kids like to use. lol. **Baby Dust** Good luck to you and ENJOY!


Amy - September 2

i started feeling baby at 13wks but this is my 4th pg


Rachel - September 2

Its my first and I not only feel him move but DH has felt it to. I can usually tell you where he is lying to by the hard bit in my bump. I'm 18 weeks and worried that this is early


to Amie - September 2

if this is your first you won't feel it for a while but it will feel like gas bubbles at first you won't think this is the baby you will be waiting for a kick but believe me that baby is moving already just very hard to tell but really soon you will feel it around 20wks for sure maybe a bit later but soon and at first you will notice it when your being still like when you go to bed at night



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