Feeling Unclean

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Feeling Like Dirty Drawers - October 10

This is absolutely disgusting... but I read on another that someone else had this problem so I feel less digusting. Anyone ese having problems wiping their booty after they poo? How can you maintain cleanliness???? It's difficult to reach these days and I can't quite get clean enough!!! Am I alone???


k - October 10

i understand what i use is the cottonelle wet wipes they help a bit so you don't use all the tp


???? - October 10

I am confused...how is it difficult to reach? Don't you wipe from the back (ie: put your arms behind and wipe in an upwards motion?). Is there another way to wipe? I would definitely not wipe from the front cause bacteria could get into your v____a.


omg.. me too - October 10

I have been having the same problem, I am 28 weeks today and cant imagine how hard it will be once I get closer to due date. But like k, I have found that wet wipes seem to be helping to keep things "cleaner". To-????? As you get bigger it gets harder to sort of lean forward and reach around.. lol


Amber - October 10

I scored some of those cottonelle wet toilet wipes, they work awesome, you can flush them and everything. And keep whiping front to back, keep the bacteria out of your urethra.


nicnac - October 11

hi all i actually stated that i had a problem wiping on "embarra__sing moments" post but somehow it got deleted. anyway, eventhough i wiped from the back it is hard to reach. When your belly gets big it stretches as you reach from the back and it is uncomfortable. i guess i will try the cottonelle wet wipes. A friend of mine had her husband wipe her tush when she could no longer reach.


L - October 11

Also it helps to stand and squat


Jaci - October 12

OMG! LOL! I just told my hubby last night, jokingly, that he's going start wiping my b___t like a little kid 'cause I'm having a hard time with it. There's just so much pressure in my lower abdomen when I lean forward and I can't go-go-gadget my arm around my big body to wipe anymore! :( I am seriously starting to feel like I'm 80.


C - October 12

OMG!!! I hate pooping because the wiping exhausts me!!! I almost need to take a nap afterwards...lol. Actually.... I have a routine....poop, then shower.... it helps eleviate the "gross" feeling.



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