Feelings Of Extreme Dizziness

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shog - January 19

i'm 14 weeks pregnant now and today I suddenly felt extremely dizzy - i felt hot all over as if I was going to faint and my ears were ringing. Please tell me if that is normal....


Tracy88 - January 19

Uh, yes and no. Hormones can do a number on anyone, but call your doctor in case there is something else going on. You should not be in that bad of shape. Are you sure your sinuses are not blocked up or you don't have an infection of some sort? Be safe, call the doctor.


shog - January 19

I feel better now. If it happens again I 'll call. But, I just browsed on the net and dizziness seem to be normal at the beginning of the second trimester - increased pressure of the uterus. What do you think? I just don't want to call my doctor if it's actually normal...and I do tend to have a low blood pressure and I've been drinking iron supplements after my blood tests showed a slight iron deficiency.


tracyd - January 19

Hey shog, I've been feeling dizzy off and on the past couple of days too (just started in 14th week)...although no ringing in the ears. So it's probably par for the course, but I agree with Tracy88, I'd call your doctor just to be extra safe.


aliciavr6 - January 19

My whole first trimester was pretty much like how you said, if I stood for more than 2 minutes, I'd get very lightheaded, and hot and would sweat. I had to sit down on the floor at Wal-mart and the grocery store. I had to take chairs into my bathroom to do my makeup and once I even had to get dressed laying on the floor. Iron deficiency could definitely be a cause as well as low blood pressure. My iron and blood pressure was fine, so I guess it's a normal thing to go through, I felt much better at about 14 or 15 weeks.


shog - January 19

ok thanx everybody. I really feel much better now. I immediately ate a biscuit and gradually I started feeling normal again. If it happens again, however, i'll definitely call the doctor.


Tracy88 - January 19

You know what? I would call the doc anyway. It can easily be chalked up as a normal pregnancy thing, but what if it's a blood sugar thing, or has something to do with that iron deficiency? The doctors are really used to us PG women calling over everything, and they would rather you be safe than sorry. Please call anyway.


lily10 - January 19

shog, I'm with Tracy88 on this one, I think you should call the doctor even though you feel better. I bet it's nothing but I think you would rather be safe then sorry. Another things is, if you felt better after eating a biscuit it could very well be related to your blood sugar.


sarahd - January 19

I just started getting really dizzy sometimes, and feeling slightly short of breath. Generally when I've been walking around or standing up a lot. It also happens sometimes when I don't eat enough (but that even happened before I was pregnant).


sarahd - January 19

Oh yeah, I'm 20w5d


suze42 - January 19

shog, 14wks here and feeling dizzy right when I wake up, and when I get up to pee in the night. I think you should tell your doc also, and mention that you felt better after eating something...could be blood sugar..maybe not, but why take a chance! Hang in there...we're moving right along :)


shog - January 20

Ok. I understand. It might be a blood sugar thing, but I'm seeing the doctor in the next few days. So I'll check then with him. In the meantime, if it happens again i'll call immediately.



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