Female Or Male What Are You Carrying

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Lisa - July 28

Okay..this time is most stressful for me, i was just wandering what you were carying..If you dont know, what do you hope for.... Im in my 15th week...and so far only one prenatal visit, so i havnt found out what im carrying...But i want a girl...But everytime i say something about my baby i use the "He" Terminology.. Anyone Else??? If you want to talk "[email protected]" Edd: January 21 06


jl - July 28

well...i was really hoping for a girl.....found out about 4 weeks ago its a boyy.....dang my daughhter has a p___s!!!!! i am warming up mto the boy idea, and i know i am given a son for a reason- its not up to me!!! that old as long as its healthy thing really does appply!!!!


Jessica NY - July 28

I'm now 12 and a half weeks along with my first and I have such a strong feeling I am having a little girl. I won't be disappointed if I have a boy, I'll be surprised though, that's for sure! Everything has been about my little girl for weeks now. I'm hoping for healthy but I'm sure I'm having a healthy girl ; )


Ca__sie - July 28

I'm 20w5d with our first. It's a GIRL !!


Julie - July 28

My husband and I have both had a really strong feeling it was a boy. We even referred to the baby all the time as "he" or even Jake, the name we have picked for a boy. We didn't do it on purpose, it would just sort of slip out in conversation. Ultrasound has confirmed that we were right!


Lisa - July 28

aww..thank you all for responding... congratulations to all of you. God Bless you in the delivery room


Sera - July 28

I had the strongest intuition that it was a Girl. We always refered to the baby as a 'her' or 'emma' or 'our little princess' we found out yesterday, that it is indeed a healthy baby girl in there.


Angela - July 28

I want a girl so bad, but doc said the other day he thought he saw a p___s on the ultrasound. I'm only 12 weeks.


Sara - July 29

I will be finiding out this Tuesday what my baby is. Im so excited! I really don't have a feeling of what it is?


SRG - July 29

I am just over 25 weeks now, at 18 weeks I found out I was having a boy! I knew it though from the second I found out I was pregnant. I just felt it. If they told me it was a girl I would have pa__sed out, because I was so sure it would be a boy! I am happy either way...just give me a healthy son! Good Luck to you all!!!!


Lisa - July 30

Again..Good Luck Ladies..I just wonder if me useing "he" all the time is telling me im having a boy? I do want a girl..but as long as its healthy in all ways, im okay


YC - July 30

Hi Lisa- I was convinced I was having a boy since the day I found out I was pregnant. I was just sure of it. I wanted a girl but it didnt really matter either way as long as the baby was healthy. I found out at at 19 weeks that she is a GIRL. So much for mother's intuition huh.


Jessie - July 30

Im actually today is 22 weeks...and Im having a girl....I used to just say "it" when refuring to her because i didn't want to get my hopes up saying she or her....sometimes i would say he...and my parents always said he....but when it came down to it i got what i wanted...A BABY GIRL!! I hope you get a girl..but remember its not the end of the world if you have a boy...its just different...good luck


Sonia - July 30

I'm just 15 weeks, just like you, and the doctor said it looked like a girl, although I know I still gotta wait at least a couple more weeks to be sure. So ever since, I refer to the baby as Her, I really do not have preference. My boyfriend wants a boy, but the rest of the world is voting GIRL!


susie - July 31

hiya lisa. im susie from northern ireland. im 25weeks pregnant and im carrying and little boy ... im over the moom, are you going to find out wot u are going to be having or are u going to wait until u have it? my fiance rob wanted to find out so badly wot we were having so i give in cos i deeply wanted to know as well lol... so how are you keeping? are u all excited? whn are u due? im due november 9th x


****LISA**** - August 1

Hi Susie and Ladies....Yes i am going to fing out what i'm carrying..Because i want to have a baby shower in november. I'm also feeling pretty well...I'm now starting to show. I'm going to be entering my fifth month at the end of this week....I hope you all are well also. My Due Date is January 21 06. [email protected]


melanie - August 1

I didn't care at all what I had for my first! It was a boy. I wanted a boy for my 2nd cuz they are 20 mos apart. I got a boy. This time I really wanted a girl. Physically I thought it was a girl cuz I felt so different, mentally I knew it was a boy. ITS A BOY!!! I keep thinkin the doc was wrong, but I'm getting excited now. I always referred to it as he. Everyone else said she. Maybe for our 4th and final. good luck.



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