Fetal Development 12 Weeks

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Allisonc79 - January 14

I was just watching multiples/In the Womb on the discovery channel. I saw the 3D ultrasound of fetuses at just 12 weeks and they look just like little developed babies! I got so giddy inside looking at that because I am now almost in my 13th week. Have any of you gotten an ultrasound around this time? It seems around 12 weeks they start to look more baby like.


Tracy88 - January 14

Wait till your 17th week or so, then they fill out even more!


DownbutnotOUT - January 15

well it is said that in the first tri all the major organs and everything develope and after that the baby just gets bigger and the organs develope more, so ya 12 weeks there little mini people with wide spread eyes.


Tammy276 - January 15

If you are going to get a 3d done, it is advised that you wait until you are 24 - 30 weeks along if you want to get good pictures, otherwise your baby can look sorta alien like and they are not filled out yet. I had one done at my 18w u/s and yeah, it was neat, but she looked like a skeleton and it was kinda freaky. so if you are thinking of having one done, I would definately wait a bit longer.


pueppschen - January 15

i had one around then, it was very exciting. our baby moved, and for a brief moment it had its small hand above like waving. it was so cute. the doc tried her best to get a picture of it..... i am looking forward to my next one around my 21st week.


TamaraAngel - January 16

I had a reg u/s done at 9 weeks and the baby kinda looked like "St_tch" from Lilo and St_tch and now i had one at 14 weeks and the baby looked like a baby. I read that the baby needs more fat for the 3D u/s to look good... so it's recommended after week 20. The place near me wont even do it until week 22 actually. Anyhow-- you're right... very exciting! The baby is like two inches yet fully formed into a baby... amazing!


c_baer19 - January 16

I got mine at 12 weeks, but not a 3D ultrasound, just a normal ultrasound. i was surprised, I didn't think the baby would be that developed, but he/she had a nose, arms, legs, fingers, and everything! =)


laurenl - January 16

Wasn't that the COOLEST show. There's also "In the Womb"....with just a single baby, but it was on tv last year I think. I really enjoyed that show.


squished - January 25

We had an u/s at 12 weeks and it looked like a perfect little baby. I was amazed at how much it looked like a baby! That show was great, we just watched it the other night.


mrs.vegas - January 25

i am in my 13th week, and we had an ultra sound about two weeks ago to make sure everything was okay. the baby was doing somersults and moving all around, and then stopped and it looked like the baby was looking right at us! they do start to resemble a baby more at this point. the head starts to straighten up from the neck. it is exciting to watch those shows. i'm obesses with them!


c_baer19 - January 25

I had my first ultrasound at 12 weeks, and it was so much more developed than I expected. =) I could see the fingers, the legs, the nose, the head (duh, lol), everything! Except the gender, of course, but regardless, it's pretty neat. =)


c_baer19 - January 25

HAHA, I didn't realize I had already posted in here... ignore the last post


Allisonc79 - January 26

I know its just adorable, although a little alien like, lol. I know what you mean Tammy, they don't start putting on weight till your 20's. I am getting another regular ultrasound in my 20th week, and am counting the days till then.



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