Fetal Doppler Rental

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Kelly K - April 27

I just rented a fetal doppler from storkradio.com. Has anyone else rented one before? I think it'd be a great way to help keep me sane inbetween appointments.


J - April 27

I just rented one today, and am hoping to get in on Monday. I hope it works!! I bought the bebe sounds one and it doesn't work. Hopefully this one will!!! How far along are you? I'm 15 weeks.


Kelly K - April 27

I'm 13 weeks now. My doctor couldn't find the baby with doppler last appointment cause he/she was moving around too much. I'm hoping I can find it at home when I'm relaxed. I had them overnight mine so I'll have it tomorrow afternoon. I'm just so nervous about everything and needed a little pick me up. Figured $30/month was worth some peace of mind.


lyn - April 27

We own one and It is the most awesome thing ever. Especially when I was spotting early on, it made me feel better about it.


Staci - April 27

I know the cheap doppler they sell at baby stores doesnt work. The good ones are much much better. But, has anyone over 18-20 weeks tried to listen for the fetal heartbeat with a regular stethescope? Ive read you may be able to use a regular dr. stethoscope at appx that time. ?


M - April 27

You can't hear the heartbeat with a stethescope. You need a doppler throughout your pregnancy


Kelly K - April 28

They have neonatal stethoscopes and you can hear the heartbeat with those if the baby is asleep or not really active. We tried last night with my sis-in-laws and could hear the faint heartbeat.


J - April 28

My Dr was able to pick up the heartbeat at 7.5 weeks with a regular doppler, so I'm pretty sure this one should work for me. I bought the bebe sounds one and it doesn't work at all - maybe when I'm further along, but I wanted something now. I had spotted early on too, so I'm extra nervous that everything is okay. Let me know how it works!!!


Silvie - April 28

Hi guys..I have one from Storkradio too, for second month..I got the simpliest version,since my Dr. could pick up the heartbeat at 9 weeks. NOw I am 15 weeks,so it is very easy to find it...earlier it took me longer to find it,but I always did.It is awesome thing to have at home. Regular Stethoscope can pick it too but after 18 weeks of preg. usually.So starting week 18 I am gonna return Doppler and use my own stethoscope.


Maria - April 28

Where does everyone rent/buy fetal dopplers from and how much are they?


J - April 28

Maria - Go to www.storkradio.com and it will give you all the info. I think the prices range from like $22.00 - $45.00 per month depending on what one you get. There are other sites that offer them too, just do a random search on fetal dopplers. Good luck!


Lucky1 - April 28

I bought a doppler from ebay, and it is wonderful to have. I listen to my baby like 2 times a week. I don't like to do it every day because it always makes her kick and move alot. I feel like it bothers her.. (I am having a girl, I found out 2 weeks ago). I asked the U/S tech and she said that the ultrasound waves from the doppler may vibrate the bag which causes her to move.


Kelly K - April 28

I received mine from Fed Ex today. I tried to find the baby at lunch, but wasn't able to since I couldn't get flat. Hopefully I'll be able to find the little booger from home. My doc even had problems finding him last time since he/she likes to do the back stroke. :)


Staci - May 1

Actually, M- youre mistaken, My many pregnancy books say you CAN in fact use a regular stethescope after a certain point in the pregnancy, I just cant recall when.


Staci - May 1

thanks Silvie. let me know what happens when you try it at 18 weeks. I guess I have to try mine again...



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