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fizzypop - September 28

hi girls do any of you use a fetal doppler and if you do how often do you normally use yours.


duckiec - September 28

Sure do- after multiple m/cs and knowing I have blood issues, I take any peice of mind I can get! I cheaped-out and got the basic model (no digital HB readout) but thats okay, I can count. I use it 5 times a week or so- almost every day but sometimes I don't have time in the morning, and fall asleep too quickly at night! I try not to use it twice in a day - DH has the idea that it bothers him/her, and doesn't want to overdo it. I don't quite believe it but I agree I can usually wait for the next day.


fizzypop - September 28

hi duckiec how far along are you


sarah21 - September 28

There are some ladies in the March Mommies forum who have used them and love them for the peace of mind. I have thought about renting a doppler myself, but I don't know if I'd get my money's worth out of it. I love hearing the heartbeat, but I'm very confident that everything is fine. I might change my mind later on, though, as I get closer to delivery. They're really cool, though.


duckiec - September 28

19w tomorrow and so far so good! Fizzy you're about 15 now? The place I rented (bellybeats dot com) allows you to rent by the month, if you get the cheaper one its $25 monthly, and if you're patient the shipping is free (mine took about 10 days). You can send it back any time with no minimum, so its not a huge upfront committment. I wish I could say I was confident things were going well- I'm a complete worry wart (and have issues). So to me its $ well spent. I'll actually likely return as I get closer- I think once I can start feeling real kicks, that will be rea__suring enough. We'll see!


sarah21 - September 28

When I start feeling kicks regularly (I have yet to feel them at all) is probably when I'll start worrying if I don't feel them for like an hour or something. :) I'll probably panic that the baby has strangled itself or something.


Stephanie_31 - September 28

I try not to use mine more than 2-3 times per week. Most sources say there is no ill effects but I don't want to take the chance. Once I am feeling movement consistantly I will put it away. I couldn't live without it after losing our first baby at 12 weeks. I have used the doppler with this baby since 9w and I am just past 13w now.


blfox4 - September 28

Hello there fizzypop...I can't imagine not having my doppler. I heard all the horor stores of having one and not being able to hear the heartbeat and then freaking out. However, I got mine at 10 weeks and wasn't able to hear it right away or sometimes at all. I stayed calm, b/c I knew that the baby was so small. I am now 24 weeks and I listen to the heartbeat everyday for comfort and connection reasons. I love to hear it. My husband also has this crazy idea that it could cause harm....but I have done my research and have never found anything with proof. I never have any problems finding the heartbeat....the only concern that I have for others that might use it is the confusion of what sound you are looking for...if you aren't careful you end up listening to the placenta or your heartbeat. My doppler had a CD with all the different sounds on it...so I would recommend listening to it.....even if it is boring!! Good luck to you...I do hope that you are able to get one!!!


Chris1975 - September 28

Hey fizzypop, im 17wks and have had one since 13 wks, and use it once a day....its fantastic and rea__suring. Like blfox4 said, you should listen toi CD of all the noises tho....its amazing what you can hear ...the kicks, the baby moving around, the placenta, the babys heartbeat....all kinds of things! I think i will probably only use it til i feel regular kicks in another mth or two. Same as other girls, i got it for rea__surance after 2 m/cs (tho they were both early on) and i just want to feel like this is all "real" ! hehe


emfine99 - September 29

My MIL got me the bebe sounds dopplar and I'm not really too fond of it. You can't use it until your 3rd trimester from what it says (I'm 32 weeks) so that isn't a problem, but you have to block out all sound, even a little tap or something will interfere. You also can't use it until a couple hours after you eat... I can hear the heartbeat but not too well, I just wish I had a better one, this one says it's supposed to be good, am I doing something wrong? Do any of you have this one?


Stephanie_31 - September 29

emfine99 - I have heard a lot of people that were dissapointed in that model. You can actually buy or rent the same type of doppler used by your doctor or OB. I got mine off ebay for $125 (new) from HiBEBE prenal supplies. I had it hear in 2 days and it has a 1 year warrenty. They actually have a website that you can purchase from as well If you are looking for it, it is a dot org not dot com. I have been able to pick up the h/b since 9.5 weeks.


emfine99 - September 29

Wow! Thanks for the info! If it were a couple months ago, I would probably consider purchasing one... but I only have less than 8 weeks, so I'll just stick with what I have for now lol! But for those of you looking for one, don't get the bebe sounds doppler! lol


swollenangel - October 1

I totally agree with emfine99-dont get that doppler model... i got one at 14wks am now 20wks and have yet to hear the heartbeat...no problem picking up cars 2streets away or dogs barking basically in the next neighbourhood... but lo's heartbeat which is the closest i cant pick up ...good thing lo is such a good frequent kicker so that keeps me rea__sured =)


sarah21 - October 1

Bummer! Wish I had known. My mom got me the bebe sounds one and I already opened it! Dang it. Oh well.


emfine99 - October 1

Well if you are using it at 20 weeks, it might not be as good. I read on the directions to not use it until your 3rd trimester, which is 28 weeks. I'm almost 33 weeks now, and I can hear some sounds, but I have to make EVERYTHING completely quiet..... so hold onto it and listen agian in about 10-15 weeks lol!


dukele - October 1

Hey guys, I have the Hi-Bebe with the digital readout. I bought it now off ebay for 110 dollars with free shipping. It is the best investment I have made this pregnancy. I was able to hear the HB at 9 weeks and every since. I am at 17 weeks today so soon I will be able to feel movement then I won't be so nervous. I have a previous loss so I needed that rea__surance that it provides. The digital readout is awesome because you can quickly look and see the HR without having the "sweet spot" disappear on you. It only ever takes me about 2 mins to find the HB and then I am good for the rest of the day. I am really happy with mine and I hope you find something similar.



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