Fetal Hearbeat Bebe Sounds

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beth - May 19

Hi, I just bought a bebe sounds monitor. I was wondering if anyone own one? If so, How do you tell which is the baby's heart rate. This is my first pregnancy. I could use so advice. Thanks


Desiree - May 19

I have that same one.. but have realized that unless you are like 20 weeks or more that it is pointless.. it doesnt seem strong enough to reach the heartbeat.. but i can find my babies heartbeat with a doppler that i rented.. it is hospital grade... but if you are far enough along it should be pretty easy.... the baby's heart rate is a lot faster and sounds more like a thud.. yours will sound like a plinking noise kinda.... go really slow with the moniter.. and you should find it.. its amazing.. good luck


Beth - May 19

I own one and so far it its horrible. I am 26 weeks and alls I hear is whats going on inside my own body, not the baby :0(. I am going to try again tonight because baby is extremely active today (although as soon as I get home it will be her nap time, haa haa)


masonmom - May 20

I owned one with my first and it was a JOKE!! I am sorry to say that it was the biggest waste of money. I never heard the baby's heartbeat. My friend who is an OBGYN just laughed at me when he had heard I had bought one. If you can, take it back...


Kel - May 20

I have the same one and I am able to hear my baby's hearbeat. I am currently 23 weeks and like I said, I hear it fine. However, prior to 21 weeks or so I could not hear anything besides what was going on in my stomach.


beth - May 20

Thanks Ladies!!, How can you tell the difference between your heatbeat and the baby's? Is there a special sound I should be hearing. Now, I wish I rented one.


Mythili - May 20

I also have Bebe sounds. I am 15 weeks today and I think I can hear the baby's heart beat. Does it sound more like THUM THUM.


Tiffany - May 20

Kel, is there any sound in your stomach that can get confused with the babies heart beat. Or static that sounds like a heartbeat. I have one but all my test are neg. But I hear a the rapid beating of drums ... I just wonder if I am hearing my own stomach or static. Can you please explain the difference ... I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


Mythili - May 20

Can I hear my own heart beat in the place where the baby is? Are there two different heartbeats, one mine one baby's?


Teala - May 20

Your baby's heartbeat will be faster than yours. I have one of these monitors and it does work. I got it from my sister who is an O.B. nurse and she used it in her last pregnancy.


Desiree - May 20

to Mythili.... yes you can hear the baby's heartbeat and yours at the same time... yesterday when i was listening to my baby's heartbeat mine was in the background and i could hear them both... but if you move slightly you can get just the babies... i have that same moniter but so far it hasn't worked for me.. i'm thinking you have to be farther along because its not hospital grade.. but i have a doppler and it works for now... but good luck ladies...


Mythili - May 20

Thank you Desiree!


Adria - May 23

Hi Beth, I purchased one around my 4th month and now I am really hearing the baby's heartbeat, it sounds like galloping horses, I do hear mine occasionally but I mostly hear the baby from my back, I'm 24 weeks now.


amanda - May 24

Its Terrible!!!!! Don't waste your money


v - May 24

Hi. I was given one from my cousin who had great results! I am 16 wks and haven't heard anything yet but keeping my fingers crossed! In the information booklet is says the best results are closer to the third trimester mark .Mine is able to plug into a recording device so I am hoping that when I hear it I can record it.


Mythili - May 24

I am now 15 weeks preg. I do hear a heart beat when I use the monitor but am not sure whether it is baby's heartbeat.


Sandy - May 24

I have one. It has too much static and back ground sounds in it. I hate it. I wish I can get my money back.



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