Fetal Heart Monitor

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Kime - January 24

I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the fetal heart monitors that you can use at home. I was thinking about buying one but have heard mixed things about them. Some people say they are a waste of money and dont work, others say they work great. It would just make me feel better to have one so that i could make sure the baby is ok, especially since i cant feel it move yet ( im 17 weeks). I just don't want to buy something that isn't going to work.


jessica72 - January 24

I have chosen to not get one, but a friend of mine bought one at Wal-Mart and has been unsuccessful at finding the hb with it. Furthermore, it says in small print that it works better by the third trimester, well by that time you should be feeling your little one, so for me, I will save myself the stress of them. Kime, you will be feeling your baby anyday now. :)


Mrs.Ireland - January 24

Kime, have you looked into renting one? I am going to rent one from storkradio.com. It's only like $20 some a month, not bad.


Tammy276 - January 24

you are better off renting a doppler off the internet and Mrs.Ireland said. the ones you buy t walmart are not dopplers, they are just ampliphiers and they stink!! I bought one with my first pregnancy and it was hard to hear the hb even in third trimester, mostly I just heard swooshing noises from the baby and you have to be in a super quiet room, otherwise the ampliphier picks up every background noise...The dopplers work great, they are the same as what they use in the doctors office. I rented one this time around and heard my little ones hb at 10 weeks already


ma2aiden - January 25

babybeat.com rents them... i just rented one for $43 per mo. - one of the more expensive ones - but regardless it worked great... check out their site - free shipping and free return!


IrinaZ - January 25

I also rented doppler from babybeat.com, but I got a cheaper one - $25 per month, I think it's well worth it and you can return it at any time.


aliciavr6 - January 25

I rent one from bellybeats.com


ellick - January 27

hey hun, i got one and it works, got it from ebay and i can hear everything from her moving around.. i got it because i had miscarriges so i wan to be sure, i'm always on it lol.. it really helps get a good one.. YOU'LL LOVE IT


ellick - January 27

babe don't rent.. just buy one it's better it's your then.... get one that works form 12 weeks...



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