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brownac82 - January 9

Last Friday, I sat in a hot tub to just below my stomach. Ever since then my baby has seemed to be less active than normal; is this something I should be concerned about or am I just being paranoid? I am 26 weeks pregnant right now.


mama-beans - January 9

Check with your doc, but I do know that you should NOT be in a hot tub at all when pregnant.. it isn't where the water hits your body, it is the rise in your body temperature from being in such hot water!


miraclebaby - January 11

Not sure, but dont go in the hot tub anymore , you should not raise your body temp. too hight even on your legs, I made the mistake of taking too hot of a bath and they told me no more hot baths even or hot tubs, Just call the doc. I am sure everything is fine :)


Laura - January 13

I'm sure your baby is fine but prob good and might put your mind at rest to speak to your doctor about it. I sat in a hot bath when I was about 5/6 weeks pregnant without knowing you weren't supposed to -was so warm that felt faint and dizzy afterwards and it was okay but I would not repeat the experience!!! You possibly think you feel the baby less becasue ou are worried-I would speak to your doc/ have a scan? maybe to help you stop worying and avoid it in the future. I get so upset everyday about something I have done and can't relax at all so we are all the same I think!


Prissanna - January 13

Does anyone know the temp that the water should not exceed? I read about this alot with my first baby but I haven't read much about it now. I like hot baths. I remember putting a thermometer in the bathtub with me with my first but I really couldn't stand the water any hotter than it got so I'm using that guide right now.


livdea - January 14

I was told that hot tubs, baths, showers are fine BUT try not to get the water over 101 F. According to my Dr. there really isn't any harm that can be done and most of the research that has been done is on women who have a temperature over 102 F and usually that means that there is some thing else wrong with them, not just the body temp. But to play it safe stay at or below 101 F.


Prissanna - January 14

Thank you livdea! I went and got me a thermometer and my water was a bit over 101 degrees but not much. I freaked last night but I'm OK now. I love HOT baths so it's hard for me to take a lukewarm one. My Mom said when she had her children that they never told her anything about water temp and we turned out fine. I'm putting my therm in the water from now on anyway.



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