Fetal Movement Slower At 26 Weeks

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jean - January 4

I'm 24 weeks, I'm expecting a baby girl and she kicks likes crazy. Sometimes she kicks so hard it makes me jump


Jamie - January 4

I say it's very normal. Every baby is different and as the baby gets bigger, they don't feel like they move as much. I am pregnant with my third child and each pregnancy has been quite different...although this time it's boy and i think he has boxing matches in there. I am 26 weeks and he is a strong little man!


Leslie - January 8

I am also 26 weeks pregnant(1) and my baby boy has not been as active the last couple of days as well. He has moved each day but not as much, so reading the responses has eased my mind a great bit


Crystal - January 13

I am 26 weeks pregnant and glad to hear that I am not the only one who has experienced decreased fetal movements. I wonder if it could be due to the fact that I am so very pet_te and the baby simply doesn't have as much room to move in there as she did. Could being tiny and pet_te have something to do with this?


Mary - January 18

What a relief to see others are having the same experience! I am currently 24 weeks and have noticed my little girl does not move as vigorously as she used to. I still notice her shifting around a few times a day, but usually only after meals. She used to be quite a kicker, but now I only get flutters. Heart tones have been fine, but of course there's nothing as rea__suring as a good solid poke.


maria - January 20

i am 30 weeks pregnant and havnt felt much movement throughout the whole thing , doc says its due to me having fit tummy muscles, my doppler rea__sures me .


Carrie - January 27

I had same question. I m also 26 weeks- and kicks just started slowing. I have an anterior placenta, so I thought maybe that's why I couldnt feel as much. But I could feel more last week.


krystal king - January 27

i am 25weeks and the baby hasnt moved much in the last couple of days is this normal????????


Ca__sandra - January 29

Yes... this is normal... I'm 28 weeks pregnant and our little guy was like an OLYMPIC GYMNAST for a while... now he's more quiet, and when he moves, it's either gentle pushes and sways or BIG kicks that make me jump out of bed sometimes. I think this culture has made us women WAY too stressed about fetal movement. Every baby is an individual. Take Care, God Bless.


Jordan - February 2

The EXACT some thing happened to me from large amounts of activity in certain hours to small amounts of activity through out the day.


Gledia - February 5

I am 27 weeks and my little girl moves small amounts about 3x/ day. She worries me when she is not active. I went to the doctor this past Tues. and her heart rate was loud and strong so I am a__suming she is OK. I still worry though. I hear stories about babies that kick really hard, and she has not done that. It's good to hear others are experiencing the same as me. Thanks!!


Stacie - February 7

Thank 2oodness I found this post! I was really starting to worry. I'm 24 weeks along and have felt decreased fetal movement for the past 3 or 4 days. Although I'm feeling less movement and it is not as intense, I guess that it is a good sign that I still feel her. I'm glad that others are also experiencing this and that it is normal.


Debi - February 9

As many other women here have stated - I am really glad I found this post. I have a risky pregnancy to begin with and today is the first day I have note felt the baby moving all day long. I know she has moved a few times, but almost no kicks at all. Thank you for all the rea__surance. :o)


Shelley - February 13

I am grateful for this post just like everyone else. I am 24 weeks and experienced tremendous amount of movement up to a week ago. Movement has slowed and seems less intense. Although there is movement daily. Thanks for easing my worry!


KB - February 14

I am not sure, I am concerned myself, I am 23 weeks and the baby has been quite actively kicking and moving and the past 2 days he hasn't been... is this normal?


Tara - February 22

I'm 26 week pregnant this Wed Feb 23rd and yesterday I noticed that my baby hardly moved at all. I tried to wake him by gently jiggling my stomach but he seemed sound asleep. This is unsual for me because since I felt his first movements at 18 weeks, he has moved at least 5 times per minute and used my bladder as a trampoline. But as of yesterday, he moved maybe 4 times the whole day and only twice during the night. Is this normal?



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