Fetal Movement Slower At 26 Weeks

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Tess - February 8

Im 26 wks pg this Friday and experiencing the same thing...Ive heard that baby is in "growth spurt" so nothing to worry....plus I was just in my doctor's office last friday....So I know I shouldnt be too concerned....baby is fine and well. Goodluck!


burstingbelly - March 21

I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and expecting a large baby. I really only feel a few kicks or movements during the evening and that's it. I think it's pretty normal at this stage as the baby doesn't have alot of room to move. If you haven't felt the baby move for more than 12 hours though I would call the doc just to be safe! Goodluck everyone & congrats!


lacy1987 - July 18

i am 21 weeks and have noticed that my baby isnt moving as much lately. i first started to feel a bubbling feeling at 16 weeks and soon after kicks even though this is my first pregnancy. so from 16 weeks i felt kicking every day regularly and now these past few weeks i have only felt the baby kick very gently now and again but im glad i found this site, and read all your messages im going to try not to worry now because at least i can actually feel movement.


sara7venus - July 18

I'm at 23 weeks, and my baby has active days and not-so-active days. Things have quieted down a little bit over the past few days, but I get enough solid kicks and punches that I feel like all is well. I just had an OB appt. yesterday, and she was moving all around - so much, the Dr. had to chase her heartbeat all around! Has anyone ever noticed during an ultrasound just how much the baby actually moves, as opposed to how much you feel it move? My little girl moves constantly, regardless of how much I'm feeling. I think our babies are probably very active most of the time...


mocha7 - December 21

I'm at 27 weeks and have been experiencing the same thing the last couple of days. I was to the Dr. on Monday and the heartbeat was easily found and strong. I was really anxious about the decreased movement yesterday, but I can feel it off and on. I will probably be using the doppler at work tomorrow to ease my anxiety. This is my second pregnancy and I don't remember this happening for my first one.


chickadee2 - April 25

I'm 24 weeks and was really getting freaked out because my baby hasn't moved since before I got up this morning. She's usually very active for most of the day. I'm glad to know that others are feeling my anxiety, so I know that my fears are not hormone-related or that my pregnancy is abnormal.


sim - July 24

i am 17 weeks and 3 days and i felt my baby moving yesterday, it hasnt stop since. i was at my pc and i jump thats how hard i felt it


Anathi - July 24

Good day ladies I hope your is quit well. Actually I'm 14 wks and am a little bit feeling those small kicks but at times I dont feeel them.


Buffi R. - July 24

That's normal - your uterus is starting to get cramped now, and the baby has less room to move around. A good pregnancy book, or your doctor, can teach you how to do kick counts if you get really worried, but overall, it's not going to move as much from here on out.


goldfish - January 8

iam almost 26 weeks and having smooter and softer and slower baby movements all of a sudden. i saw this posting and was glad to read the experience, since this was a post of 2004, iam wondering if anybody could tell me what happed with your pr4ganacys how are your baby's now. Can the baby movements in womb and baby persoanlity related t all


Ayette - September 30

I am 24 weeks pregnant. Now my little peanut moves a lot. Sometimes I feel that my internal organs are bruised and battered because of the kicks and punches. Worst is when I'm trying to get some sleep and baby is so active moving all the time as if there a party of sorts inside my belly... I guess i should be happy about that coz when times that peanut is not so active I get worried and stressed out. I guess there are really times where the baby is getting some time off and resting... and there are times when they are so active that you can't even breathe right... as if you are in a roller coaster ride... intestines moving all around!


Teddyfinch - October 1

your baby sounds just fine to me. sounds like you have some sleepless nights to look forward to lol. mine manages to sleep while i sleep, even though i fall asleep through her kicks, and when i wake up and she hears her daddy talking, she's up and about, pushing my ribs out of her way and headb___ting my cervix. she's just finding her ideal sleep pattern and soon you'll notice what her pattern is.



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