Fetus Did Not Cooperate With Unltrasound

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V - December 12

Did anyone have the tech complain about how uncooperative your fetus was during the ultrasound? Should I be concerned?


erin - December 12

With my last baby the tech said my baby was very active so it was hard to get all the right pictures and measurements. I don't think it's anything to be worried about, there's not really anything you can do about it.


Heather L - December 12

My last baby was like that too. *lol* I still got to find out what the baby was. :) But she did take a bit longer to get measurements cause he wouldn't stop moving.


V - December 12

Thanks for the responses so far. In my case the baby was too comfy lying on his back and he did not want to move. What really annoyed me was that the tech repeatedly called it a "stinker" and something worse. She was clearly having a bad day. The radiologist on the other hand was silent and looked concerned as he inspected with the v____al ultrasound. He finally pronounced things OK, but I am wondering if there is something he is concerned about.


to V - December 13

The ultrasonographer asked me if I ate chocolate before the u/s, but only because the baby wouldn't sit still for anything. We still got to see baby's little boy parts though. But the ultrasonographer seemed annoyed that baby was so mobile while he was trying to see certain things. I don't know if he was serious or not, but it seemed that way.


Allie - December 13

My little boy moved a lot too! I drank hot chocolate before the u/s :) It took 11/2 hours to do the ultrasound, first he was moving all around, then he decided to lay on his back and the technician couldn't measure the heart. I have to go again for another u/s, but I'm glad the baby didn't behave, because my doctor only requires two u/s, and I'll have three!! yeah!! Way to go son!!


Monique - December 14

Mine wouldn't turn around either. The tech seemed frustrated -she sighed alot and said the baby wasn't cooperating. The doc did another one and said she was stubborn and could care less we were trying to turn her!! lol. I have to go back in 3 weeks (2 now) so they can measure heart and face. My reg doc (I had level 2 and amnio done by specialist) at my monthly yesterday, said not to be concerned because it was normal. Good Luck!!



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