Fetus Movement

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Fahim - May 8

I am 14 weeks preg. I used to feel my little one move (little flutters like butterfly) since I was 11 wks preg. This is my first pregnancy. It's been 4 days since I felt the little flutters. I am SCARED. Has anyone gone through the same experience? Please answer ASAP.


fahim - May 8

please any one ?????????? help answer i am soooooooooooo SCARD about my baby


Julie - May 8

Even my doctor said that 14 weeks is pretty early to feel the baby move I didn't feel it until I was around 19 weeks with my first and 17 weeks with this one. Are you sure you haven't felt maybe a little gas before? I am very think and like I said I didn't feel it that early. If you did feel it I don't think it is anything to worry about. If you were further along like around 30 weeks and you didn't feel it that would be more cause for concern. When I was at my 13 week appt. I asked my doctor about movement and she said it was too early.


Tarah - May 8

I didn't feel my baby move until about 19 weeks either and this is also my 1st pregnancy. If you did feel it, it's possible that he/she kicked herself further into your uterus because right now, there is still lots of room in there for them to move around. It's mostly fluid. I hope this helps and if not, just talk to your doctor about it. I'm sure they get questions like that a lot! Good luck! =)


Lissi - May 8

Yes! I had flutters that stopped for over a week but then started again. Don't worry about how much your baby moves at this stage. I'm 23 weeks and only just started to feel regular kicks. My baby still has sleepy days when I can't feel her.


rae - May 8

I started feeling the baby move at about 16 weeks and this is my third. About 19 weeks for four days I stop feel anything. I was worried but the doc said not to worry. Now I'm 20 weeks and the baby is moving like crazy. Try to not make your self up set but if you can't stop worrying go to the dco's and him them listen to the heart beat.. that will make you feel better. I did and I did care if any told me I was over reacting.


C - May 8

I am 14 wks with my 4th and have not felt the baby move yet...I am not anticipating I will till the 16th or 17th week....??? I wouldn't worry...



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