Fibroid Tumor

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Nina - December 29

Anyone else have a benign fibroid tumor on your uterus? Mine was detected on my 18 week ultrasound. I had a 4 day stint of excrutiating pain from it but it went away and now I just have a little pain now and then and bladder pressure. I've read that they usually shrink or stop growing in third trimester and rarely cause problems during pregnancy, I hope this is the case for me.


g - December 29

I had one in my first pregnancy. At my 22 week ultrasound it was the size of her little head. I never had any pain with mine and it never caused any problems. It shrunk down so after the pregnancy that it couldn't be found in pregnancies 2 and 3. Now in #4 I am measuring very big so we are doing another ultrasound to try and find it.


Karen - December 30

They found two small ones at my 21 week u/s - they stated that they would monitor them as my pregnancy progresses - although I was told that generally they do not cause any problems unless they grow to a size that restricts the uterus. Strange though - my midwife was not too concerned at problems to date that I can tell - I have little pains everywhere but have since day one of this pregnancy.


Nina - December 30

Thanks for your responses g and Karen. My doctor's freaking out and is sending me to a gynacologist. I don't see why when they usually don't cause problems and mine is considered small. I don't understand what a gynacologist can even do, or what anyone can do. I'm considering changing doctors, I feel she's needlessly scaring me.


Karen - January 1

Have you done any research of you own about fibroids - the internet has alot of stuff to read up on. I was told that they don't get too concerned until after the fibroid measures in excess of 3 cm - mine were .5 and 1.9 cm...but again this is what I was told - not sure if its the rule. I thought for sure my midwife would have ordered another u/s for a month following my 21 week u/s but she hasn't to date. I see her next week but I don't expect her to have anything more to say about it unless of course I explain that I've been feeling discomfort more than the usual. Do you know how big your fibroid(s) is/are?


Nina - January 3

Hi Karen, my fibroid is 4.5cmx5cm. On the internet I read that this is still considered small. My doctor insists I should talk to the gynacologist so I guess I'll go and see what she has to say. I still have a little bit of a crampy feeling in the bladder area after I pee but I don't know if this is normal or not, I'm 22 weeks and it goes away soon after. I get another ultrasound in two weeks to see if it has grown. Hopefully it has shrunk.



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