Fibroids And Pregnancy

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maca - September 8

how much problms will I have with my pregnancy becouse of the large fibroids, I am 19 week pregnant, my all tests are o.k.? - September 8

I have this same problem, I am 34 and pregnant now in my 14 week and all is great...exceot i also have a large fibroid and worried ..altough the dr. is not worried so i guess all will be fine - October 14

I am 13 weeks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. I have 3 large fibroids and several small ones. With this pregnancy I have had spotting and mild to severe pain and discomfort. However the baby seems to be unaffected by the whole thing. He/she is swimming around happy as could be. My last pregnancy my son was double footling breech and arrived 5 and half weeks early. (I was in pre-term labor form about 20 weeks on..I was on bed rest). To make a long story short my son is doinf great and is a happy, healthy 13 month old! I am sure my situation is more the extream than anything else. I just thought my experience may help. Good luck! My Dr. believes my problems with my first pregnancy as well as this one are due to my fibroids. - December 9

how big are your fibroids and where are they locate at.


Christine - December 10

I dont actually think that the fibroids can hurt the baby...I had a friend who had a fibroid in her uterus...the docs kept telling her that everything was fine, and actually I looked it up and most websites I found said that most pregnancies are not affected by them...she unfortunately went into early labor around her 7th month...I dont want to give all the details..because they are scary but she and the baby are now fine and that was months ago...just make your doc keep you informed of anything that is a possibility..good luck


Mel - March 31

I am 15 weeks pregnant and have 3 large fibroids. I am in constant pain all the time and I'm not gaining any weight. My dr. told me the risks of pre-term labor, low birth weight and breech baby. After reading some of the other comments, I am worried that I won't carry full term.


uyale - April 5

Hello All, I looked at this thread just today. I am 26 and planned for pregnancy in Jan 2005 and got pregnant in Feb 2005. I have 3 large fibroids. But during my 9th week U/S i was diagnoised blighted ovum and in the process of miscarriage. I have almost waited for 3 weeks to naturally pa__s but in no result. I will be having D&C next week. I also found out that I have 3 (8cm, 7cm and 5 cm) large fibroids during the u/s. Could my m/c be because of fibroids? did you have any problem getting pregnant with fibroids? I am really scared to get any surgery done as this was my first and i badly want to have kids. My doctor told me that after m/c completes she will do a hysterscopy to see the position of the fibroids. But she said its better to remove it out to increase the chance of carrying the pregancy to full term. I am very much distrubed and disappointed in myself as no one in my family has ever had m/c or fibroids. Please advise


uyale - April 5

Hello All, I am sorry i didn't wanted to bring m/c topic in second timester forum. Its just that i am going crazy with my fibroids issue and was seeking some advise from people who are already pregnant and have fibroids with no difficulty. I am just reading information where ever I can see fibroids.


jessica - April 5

hey - good to hear others with the situationof fibroids !!! I have a 12cm one and am 12 weeks- haven' had any problems yet, ,and dr says it should be fine - lets hope!!!


Carol - April 5

My Dr. told me I have fibroids and that I will probably have a difficult pregnancy. He also said I will need to have a c-section because of the location of the fibroids blocking the cervix. I'm 9wks 3 dys and I'm not in any pain other than mild cramping which is normal. Fibroids rarely (2%)cause m/c but can cause pre-term labor, low birth weight and breech birth as Mel said.


uyale - April 5

Nice to hear that you are all pregnant and having less or no problems with fibroids. This gives me hope. Hopefully my blighted ovum(mc) is not due to fibroids. I really look forward to getting pregnant soon without any surgery unless my doctor stongly advise me to which I realy don't want. :( Wish you all a very healthy and happy pregnancy.


D - April 6

I'm almost 13 weeks now, and I have a fibroid too... I think we'll be seeing how much it has grown the end of next week. It is attached near the cervix, so my doc is not sure if the baby can get its head around it. So far, it hasn't caused me any pain. The only symptom I can attribute to it is a much larger uterus than expected at this stage!


jessica - April 6

D - me too!! i am a small gal anyways, and i look about 4-5 months pregnant already, making it hard not to tell people at this point, as i'm sure people will soon think i am getting fat.....


Carol - April 6

It didn't occur to me that the fibroids may allow me to look bigger than I am. I thought is was just bloating/constipation etc, but now it makes sense. I hate to think of how big I'm going to be by my 5th month. You'll have to roll me out the door.


D - April 6

Carol - the doc caught my fibroid at my 10 week u/s because she was feeling my belly, and said that my uterus was already 16-18 week size. She initially thought it could be twins. Unless this thing stops growing, I could get pretty big!


jessica - April 6

well its settled- we're gonna be some big momma's!!!


Carol - April 7

I met with my doctor yesterday and and brought my list of questions with me. Firstly, he said he couldn't take the fibroids out while doing the c-section because I would bleed to death. Secondly, he said the only problem he foresee with the fiboroids is when they get old I will have some discomfort, but 2 or 3 days of bed rest and Tylenol should help. Then my other questions were food related and weight issues. To make a long story short. The baby is not 9wks 4days with a heartbeat of 167. You guys are great. I love this forum.



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