Fibroids And Pregnancy

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Carol - April 7

I met with my doctor yesterday and and brought my list of questions with me. Firstly, he said he couldn't take the fibroids out while doing the c-section because I would bleed to death. Secondly, he said the only problem he foresee with the fiboroids is when they get old I will have some discomfort, but 2 or 3 days of bed rest and Tylenol should help. Then my other questions were food related and weight issues. To make a long story short. The baby is not 9wks 4days with a heartbeat of 167. You guys are great. I love this forum.


quinn - April 8

I read this column with interest, as I am 13 weeks pregnant and my doctor just infomed me that I have a 4 cm fibroid on the back wall of the uterus. I have had two previous miscarriages, and now wonder if that's what caused them, and why wasn't it observed earlier. Could have saved me alot of grief! So far, though, so good. The doctor said I might go into early labour, so we'll see. My other children (2 boys) were full term and were both almost 10 lbs!


deb - April 8

I am happily pregnant at 22 weeks and having no complications, I too have a large 14cm fibroid. It grew quickly earlier in my pregnancy and has not grown in the last 6 weeks, according to ultrasounds. I looked big, even early in my pregnany and was so afraid that I would look 9 months pregnant at 6 mos.Actually, while my uterus does measure large, I look the same size as many other women pregnant without fibroids. Once I pa__sed the 18week mark, I noticed that lots of women looked bigger and smaller than me It was ok, Now I am concerned that I will have to have a c section and desperately want to find a doc who will let me try to deliver naturally. I am finding it hard to locate info about natural deliveries and fibroids. It feels good to read other women's stories, to see that I am not alone in this experience. Thanks


[email protected] - May 31

I am 13wks w/fibroid. Everythings O.K. I have had lots of m/c 4, but 4 live children. I don't like the idea of getting even bigger, I get big anyway. I also don't like the idea of not being able to rest easy yet. What I really want to know is what do they do with a huge fibroid afterwards? haven't been back to doc since I found out.


jess - May 31

my dr wont do least not for big of a chance of bleeding out......and she doesn't like the scar tissue idea either.....


Jackie - June 2

How is everyone's weight gain. I have a fibroid and am supprised I haven't gained any weight at 13 wks. Not usual for me! Does the fibroid have anything to do with this?


jess - June 2

i dunno......i am 20 weeks, and have only gained maybe 7 lbs.....but that is usual for me, hard to keep the weight on....


Sylvia - June 10

I found out with my first pregnancy that I had fibroids. I think I was about 12 wks when I was feeling lots of pelvic pain. I was out of work for about 2 wks. Then the pain finally went away. They found about four fibroids: two inside the uterus, one on top of the uterus and one towards the bottom. Then on a Friday when I was 21 wks, we went to get an ultrasound to find out that I was have a baby boy!! We were so happy. Everything looked fine and normal except for the stupid fibroids. Then Sunday came around and that was the saddest day of our lives. I lost my son. I gave birth to him and got to hold him. I was in shock. It’s still hard and I blame those dam fibroids because I was feeling the same pressure that I felt before. Therefore, I didn’t know if it was something else that was more serious. Well I finally had another u/s to see the size and how many. I had still four, but one was very big in the uterus and this could have been the reason why I lost my son. The fibroid and my son were fighting for room and I couldn’t do a thing about to protect him. I decided to get surgery to take them suckers out. They found eight of them inside! I was surprise. I had to wait 2 months to try to have a baby. This happened about 7 months ago and now I’m 10 wks pregnant! I’m excited, but very very scared. My husband said any sign of anything he’s going to take me to the ER. I just pray to God that I can carry to term and have a healthy baby. I’m also hoping that God sends me twins (to me it’s kind of getting my son back to me.) I miss him a lot. I feel empty sometimes, but I have to look forward to the future with my pregnancy now. Tomorrow I go in for an ultrasound, wish me good luck.


Jackie - June 13

Sylvia, what a heart break. Good luck this time! You have scared me but I am glad I know. I hear lots of everything went O.K. stories. I am now 15wks and leaving to go out of town. I have wanted to know what could happen if things did go wrong and all I have heard is everything will MOST LIKELY be O.K. I go back in at 17wks. I hope to have another ultrasound. Us girls with fibroids need to know everything is O.K.


D - June 13

If your doc is anything like mine, you'll have lots of u/s. There's been only one doctor's visit where I haven't had an u/s. And she's going to start seeing me every two weeks much sooner than she would with a 100% normal pregnancy. I don't like the complications, but I sure do like the ultrasounds!


Hester - July 7

I am not really sure. I think you should ask your doctor. I had a miscarriage in April. I was close to my 5th month. I had to labor and deliver my daughter. Me and my husband got to hold her. After the shock wore off, i went to my doctor and had an x-ray done. This showed a small fibroid on the outside of my uterus. We are going to ttc in august. I am so scared but i want to be a mother so bad. My doctor is going to monitor me more closely now that we know my situation. I wish all of you the best of luck


jess - July 7

how r u all doing with your fibroids?? mine is growing........steadily........but no pain yet and baby is grwing wel too...have to have a c section, and te babyis lying sideways- but it seems to be working!


D - July 7

Still don't know how much the fibroid has grown. Its tucked behind the amniotic sac, and the baby is riding high because of it. It is pretty hard to see on an ultrasound. I don't have any idea whether or not I will have to have a c-section, and the way things are going, it sounds like I won't know until we find out if the baby drops or not. Except for having to monitor my blood pressure (not related to the fibroid), my doc is now considering me a "normal" pregnancy.


Veronica - July 15

I had a miscarriage on July 6. I have a 12 cm frbroid. And I need to know if this thing is going to shrink and if I should get it removed or just try again with it as is. I meet with a new doctor on August 5th but the not knowing is killing me.


hm - July 20

I am 17wks and 29yrs old and I just found out I have a large fibroid (8cmX5cm) on the top of my uterus. I am completely restless about it as there seems to be no real idea of what's going to happen. I'm trying not to worry but it's really difficult because no one seems to know much about what to expect. Just reading your stories has helped me feel less alone in this situation. My stomach is already huge and everyone keeps telling me I'm getting too big. My docotr says that I shouldn't tell them about the fibroids because that will only encourage them to scare me with crazy horror stories, but I really hate being judged as too big when I can't even help it!!! Does anyone have any advice for me??


D - July 21

Well, between my mom and I, we know quite a few medical professionals (I work in a hospital), and my mom is quite unable to NOT tell everyone... but the response we're getting is that everything should be just fine. Do you know where the baby's placenta is attached? If its not on the fibroid, or right up next to the fibroid, you should be just fine. You may just look like you're having twins! Kinda like the rest of us... :-| But people who want to be critical of your size need to remember that we all carry our babies a bit differently, fibroid or not, and so looking big really has no relationship to reality. While you're fibroid is larger than mine, its not nearly as large as some of the other girls I have talked to - and they have had perfectly normal deliveries. Thankfully, since your fibroid is attached high, you probably won't have trouble delivering the baby... Mine is attached low, so I have to prepare myself mentally for both labor and c-section. I don't know that I've helped you any - my goal was to encourage you, and I tend to forget what I'm writing before I can finish it these days! As long as the fibroid is not causing you pain, try not to focus on it too much! That's my theory... there's nothing I can do about it anyway!



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