Fibroids And Pregnancy

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D - July 21

Well, between my mom and I, we know quite a few medical professionals (I work in a hospital), and my mom is quite unable to NOT tell everyone... but the response we're getting is that everything should be just fine. Do you know where the baby's placenta is attached? If its not on the fibroid, or right up next to the fibroid, you should be just fine. You may just look like you're having twins! Kinda like the rest of us... :-| But people who want to be critical of your size need to remember that we all carry our babies a bit differently, fibroid or not, and so looking big really has no relationship to reality. While you're fibroid is larger than mine, its not nearly as large as some of the other girls I have talked to - and they have had perfectly normal deliveries. Thankfully, since your fibroid is attached high, you probably won't have trouble delivering the baby... Mine is attached low, so I have to prepare myself mentally for both labor and c-section. I don't know that I've helped you any - my goal was to encourage you, and I tend to forget what I'm writing before I can finish it these days! As long as the fibroid is not causing you pain, try not to focus on it too much! That's my theory... there's nothing I can do about it anyway!


D - July 21

Veronica - I don't think I can really answer your question as to what you should do in your situation... My opinion simply is, wait until your doctor's appointment. Most doctors I know recommend waiting a couple months before trying again anyway, and this way you will have more information before you get pregnant again. The fibroid may shrink... but the only way to know for sure is to wait and find out! I'm wary of surgery because of scar tissue. In my opinion, waiting it out, tough as it is, is a better option than jumping into surgery too quickly.


[email protected] - July 28

Hi everyone, I read this entire page. I'm currently 37 weeks and I have 2 fibroids 6cm. Just stay encouraged. Were all in the same situation, it is scary, but my doctor told me that everything will be fine. I'm 41 years old and this is my first baby. I will be praying for everyone!


hm - August 14

Hello my fibroid friends :) Just wanted to tell you a funny story about my fibroids... I was feeling really horrible for a few days in a row, really bloated and bad stomach pains. I was really upset about the stinking fibroid and blaming it for everything... Until, I realized that the really bad bloating and pains were from the apples that I craved and had been eating every day... My mom said that she reacted the same way to apples when she was pregnant... So, to all of you out there, be careful what you eat. Or at least try to change it up a bit in case you're extra sensitive to something and it's making you feel worse... I think our first instinct when we feel bad is to blame it on the fibroids but they may not always be the culprit. Good luck ladies, we're all in this together :)


[email protected] - August 17

I am 18 wk pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. I had a uterine bleed yesterday and when they did an ultrasound they found a huge fibroid that was not there 6 wks ago. Its bigger than the babys head. I am now on bed rest and i dont know what to expect. My doctor was really concerned but yet he told me not to worry there not sure how big it is yet i have to go see a high risk specialists. Should i worrry about losing my baby since so many woman on this page has i am completly lost and im trying to find some answers to ease my mind being that i am already having bleeds and problems should i really be concerned about having a misscarriage or early labor and loosing the baby?



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