Finally 6 Is A GIRL

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Betul - May 12

yeah!!!! We had our ultrasound this morning and after 20 years and 5 beautiful sons (19yrs-4yrs) we are having a GIRL!!!! She looked wonderful, healthy, and active. We are thanking God for all the blessings He has given us!!


mcatherine - May 12

Congratulations - and Happy Mother's Day to you!!


trying for #2 - May 12

Congratulations Betul!!!! That is wonderful news for you:) She will have lots of big brothers watching out for her!


Kristin72 - May 12 must be extactic!! All the best to you! Kristin


dee23 - May 16

wow thats fantastic! im very happy for you :) however, a quick question came to mind as i would love to have loads of the heck do u afford them all?


Betul - May 16

Dee, that is a good an important one. Believe me, when I was 19 and having my first, I never envisioned myself having six children; two was what I wanted at the time, maybe three. It wasn't easy during the early years, my first husband and I struggled while he began his career in law enforcement and went back to college with four little boys under the age of six. He worked nights so I could go to college during the day and the boys never went to day care (would have cost a small fortune at that time anyways). I became a high school teacher and things finacially became easier with two good incomes but the time apart due to different work hours and the strong commitment we both had to our jobs eventually led us to divorce. We both remarried. My second husband is a school business administrator and makes a good salary. Unfortunetly, my first husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and pa__sed away quickly within a year. My boys went through hell that year and it really changed myy outlook on life. But their father did make sure his boys were provided for before he died. My second husband and I have a son together too (that makes 5 and after my first husbands death, I decided to stay home and "nurse" my older boys back to sanity and spend some real quality time with my 3 year old that I was never able to do with my older boys. My husband and I decided that if we were going to have a second child together, now was the time as I am 39. Finanically, we are very stable now, my older boys would like brand new cars as graduation gifts (like all their friends) but I think working hard and them getting a job to buy themselves a second hand car will mean more to them. Sure, if I went back to teaching we could live a lot more comfortable but we having everything we need (annual vacations and international trips we do yearly)and I have peace of mind and cherish my time with my children now unlike what I did when I was younger.


iakram - May 16

Hi Betul!! OM Gosh I'm so excited for you!! 5 boys now a little girl!! Truly am so very happy for you :) Wow you really seem like a strong women - it's really admiable that you were able to do some much with so little at first. Cudos to you and your growing family :) I'm stil not sure what I'm having I have a 30 week U/S in two weeks hoping the baby will show this time around. With girls I hear you're good as broke! All the dresses/outfits and accessories you'll want to buy for her! Have you thought of any names for the little one yet ?



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