Finally A Bump

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GraceRenee - April 18

WOO HOO! It's about itme! 13 weeks 5 days today and yesterday I could finally feel something different just above my pubic bone. It doesn't stick out so you still can't see it, only feel it. I have had two miscarriages and was waiting for that bump so I could tell for sure something is growing in there! OB appt. is at 15 weeks, and after I hear the heartbeat, I hope I can relax and ENJOY this pregnancy!! Thanks for listening ladies, I know my friends would probably think I am loony for being so concerned about and now excited over a little bump. :-)


HannahBaby - April 18

Congrats!! im almost 15 weeks with my second pregnancy so i am starting to stick out there a little bit. You have every right to be excited about your bump:o) You have been through alot and deserve to throughly enjoy your pregnancy...Good luck and rub that little bump for me


ThePezChick - April 18

Am I the only one showing and who's gained weight at 16 1/2 weeks? This is my first child, I was only 119 lbs. when I got pregnant, I'm 5'7"... What's the deal? Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one on this board who's getting pregnantly (I know, not a real word) fat! Congrats on your bump Grace! I know when mine showed up, which was around the time yours did, I was so excited to finally start to look pregnant! I'm sure you're excited about hearing the heartbeat. Man, what we're experiencing is truly amazing, isn't it?


GraceRenee - April 18

I love it PezChick... "pregnantly fat" ha!


ashley - April 18

YAY for you GraceRenee! I know with my first pregnancy (im on my second now) It seemed like it was never going to happen, I was never going to show. Infact I recall going to my U/S at 19.5 weeks and wondering how there could there be a baby in there I wasn't hardly showing, still in regular clothes. Now this time around is different. By 12 weeks I was in maternity clothes and I am about the size as I was full term with my daughter now at only 26 weeks!


SuzieQ - April 19

That's great gracerenee! I know you were worried too :) It's such a relief to start being able to actually have 'proof' of pregnancy!



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