Finally Had My Due Date U S Due Date December 13th

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BriannasMummy - June 21

I finally found out when my due date is yesterday via Ultra Sound. Im exactly 15 weeks today. Im soo excited because I thought that I was only 12 or 13 weeks. The Ultra Sound was incredible, he/she stretched out totally, they couldnt tell me the s_x so we have a new U/s scheduled for July 20th to find out the s_x. His/Her heartbeat was 159 beats per minute, nice and healthy. Any one else due around the same time?


kelley32 - June 21

Hi ... I am due Dec. 19th ... I had my first u/s yesterday and the baby is measuring right on for 14 weeks. It was so neat to see him/her jumping around and being so active ... I am so excited I can hardly contain myself.


BriannasMummy - June 22

I totally know what you mean with them moving around and stuff.. Its just soo weird casue you cant feel them. I am soo excited to meet someone else due around the same time. Is this yoru first, second , or 3rd baby?


Bluespace86 - June 22

Kelly32 I'm also supposed to be due December 19th! But that's just going from the lmp, which was on March 14th...I have a u/s scheduled for the 27th. I'm really nervous because I've been feeling so normal lately. This is my first btw. I went to the doctor on the 16th and heard the heart beat tho, but I'm so worried right now.


BriannasMummy - June 24

Ya know what? I think its absolutely normal to be worried. We worry about things we dont know about and because we can see the baby everyday and make sure they are okay, that first ultra sound makes us a tiny bit anxious. Im sure your ultra sound will be fine and your mind will be resting easily. Im excited for you though, because the ultra sound is amazing, makes your heart go pitter patter!!!


candace714 - June 26

Hi! Congrats on finding out your due date. I am due on December 12th. I had my ist ultrasound last week, and it was great... but my bladder was soooo full i wanted to cry. She took pity on me, and let me go to the bathroom, but I am hoping my next U/S is more comfortable. I swear I could see my bladder filling up.


BriannasMummy - June 27

Thats hilarious!! I was the exact same way!! I thought my bladder was going to burst right there i was laying getting my ultra sound.. i kept imagining the river that was going to land on the floor if i didnt get some out! Just as soon as she put the wand on my stomach she said.. your bladder is OVER full.. she took some pictures and said.. i need for you to go and empty your bladder out totally! I did! I loved and the baby loved it too! We are soo very close toghether in due dates.. i believe they are going to schedule a c-section for me. What number is this for you? It's my second!


Bluespace86 - June 27

Hey everyone, had my u/s today and discovered I was further ahead than I thought, I'm 16 weeks and 1 day! We got to find out the s_x today, we saw a little stick and it's a boy! He was active and moving about, waving and sucking his thumb but he didn't show himself off so much and was mostly in a sitting position facing my feet ^^ Also my uterus is tiled backwards so it's harder to see him...the doctor also made me empty some of my bladder too ^^ She said it was one of the hardest ultrasounds she's had to do in a long time. My new due date is December 11th! We're all so close in dates! I'm 20 and this will be my first.


kleem22 - June 27

Hey kelley32 I'm due on December 19th as well. Bluespace, I can't believe you already found out the s_x of the baby! Congratulations on the little boy! How exciting! I go to the doctor at 16 weeks (next Friday - July 7th) but I don't think we'll be doing an ultrasound. I'm so bummed! I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy!


BriannasMummy - June 27

Wow Im soo excited that your u/s was so fabulous. Isnt it amazing when you find out that you are farther along then you think? All of a sudden you skip a bunch of time! So you and I are basically due at the same day.. i guess youre a day ahead of me! WOOHOO on having a baby boy thats awesome, got any names picked out yet? Im 25 and as i said before this is my second ( I also have a four year old little girl)! Again Yay for you!!


candace714 - June 27

This will be my second... I have a daughter who will be 3 on July 3rd. She refuses to believe the baby could possibly be a by. lol. My husband is going to be in Iraq when the baby is born, so this is a little bittersweet for us.


candace714 - June 27

** refuses to believe it could be a BOY** sorry.


BriannasMummy - June 27

Ya know what, my daughter says the same thing. When the nurse at the doctors office asked her about what she wanted.. a sister or a brother.. she said i only want a sister. The nurse said.. well what if its a brother.. she replied back with I refuse to have a brother. Now, all she cares about is naming the baby.. she has some of her own names picked out.. for a girl she likes... Pursey or Zedra (dont ask me where she came up with them) and if it is a boy she says that we should name him Aladdin. Shes funny!


Jodie86 - June 28

Hello, I'm 20, my due date is Dec19th too! Currently 15 weeks 2 days according to my dating scan 2 weeks ago! I'm so excited! Does anyone else have a bump yet?? Briannasmummy, your little girl sounds really cute! Has anyone thought of any names? Were not able to find out the s_x, so we have to pick one for both! For a boy we love the name Jake, and for a girl we like Hayleigh, but not 100% certain! I think it's a girl, the scan picture looked like a girl, it looked like a very dainty picture! I know that must sound nuts! But call it motherly instinct! This whole experience is so totally amazing! Me and my bf ?(now fionce) are so over whelmed (sp???) by this whole thing, were still young, 20, and have had to move into a 2 bedroom house, in a nicer area for the schools, and have had to grow up a bit quicker! But i'm so happy with my life right now!!! I just can't wait to meet my baby!!!!! Oh, and a good tip i read the other day!!! If you have some plain white baby grows and want to funk them up a bit - if your on a budget, the tie a few knots in them, stick them in the washing maching, and add some clothing dye, and you can have a hippy baby!! The baby in the magazine did look cute though! I think i may try it!!! And also, when i had my scan picture done, my Dad scanned it into his computer, and managed to enlarge it, so we now have an A4 picture of our baby in a frame! Just thought i'd share them with you all!!! Hope you didn't mind me posting!


BriannasMummy - June 28

Sounds to me like you are going through lots of new things Jodie. I was 20 when I was pregnant with Brianna, and I remember all the new things that changed my life. My sister is actually 20 and she is pregnant with her first. So I guess 20 is a good age for all these new changes. How long ago did you move to your new house, or are you still in the midst? Im hoping your mothers intuition is correct.. they say that sometimes mothers just KNOW what they are having, perhaps this is the case with you. Is it hospital policy that youre not allowed to find out the s_x of your baby. I think they names that you have picked out are very nice.. my dh actually has a younger cousin named Hayley.. shes a cutey.. good choice!


Bluespace86 - June 29

Thanks for the congrats everyone ^_^ My fiance likes the name Sora a lot ^^;; Sora Emari Tennent. I was still crossing my fingers at the ultrasound for a girl but I KNEW it was a boy for some reason, especially since I always dreamed that I had a boy. I don't have much of a bump yet...I kind of "show" if I eat a lot but other than that it's only noticeable by me and my fiance, though my stomach is really round right now and I can't fit into some of my jeans so well. Gotta leave the top unb___toned or unzipped. I have a small frame though and I think I'm gonna pop soon.


Jodie86 - June 29

Briannasmommy - we moved in on Saturday, so only been there a few days! I love it though, we were living in a one bed flat, and we've had to move to a 2 bed house with a garden! Just makes more sense for the long run! We can't find out what it is for 2 reasons, 1) Where i live, a lot of people from different countries use to/still come over here for our hospitals, but when they found out the s_x, if it was a girl, they'd go back home and have it aborted. Which really upset me when i found that out! And 2) We have 2 scans here, 1 at 12 weeks and 1 at 20 weeks, and it cost's a LOT of money appariently! So you have to pay £100 to find out! And you still only have a 50/50 chance! So i think i'd much rather spend the money on setting up a child trust fund to be honest! I'll love my baby what ever it comes out like! We're still not 100% set on hayleigh, but i really want something a bit different! When i was born appariently my name was really rare, and i'm the only jodie at work, was the only jodie at school/college! Which i use to really like! Bluespace, the name you chose sounds cute! Also, i have the same lmp as you, same due date etc, but today i'm only 15 weeks 4 days???? Has your due date been moved forward at all? Just a bit curious?



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