Finally Here But A Bit Worried About Bleeding

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Charlene - September 6

Hi ladies, I am 14 weeks toda0 yippee!!, BUT am a bit worried. After s_x, I tend to bleed some, usually just upon wiping- it does not last past this. It is a bright blood. Anyone have this trouble? My Dr did not seem to concerned and was thinking that it was just my cervix bleeding. But I am wondering if it could be something else....low lying placenta maybe- I am not sure as I don't know much about this. I see my Dr on Thursday and think I will request an u/s now rather than waiting until 18 weeks. This is pregnancy #3 for me. One ended in miscarriage and the last a ruptured ectopic. So I want to make sure that we make it through this one. I am beginning to get excited, but still feel as if I will jinx something. Anyone experience this type of bleeding?


to charlene - September 6

If it is only after s_x it is prob. like you doctor says: the cervix. The cervix is inflammed with tons of blood vessels during pregnancy. The slightest bit of touching of it by your partner's p___s can cause it to bleed a little. I would only seek other answers to this if it bleeding at other times too. Congrats for making it to the 2nd trimester! When are you due?


Charlene - September 6

We have abstained from s_x for almost a month- sigh until this am. Most of the time, the bleeding stops right after- it seems to be only when I wipe. Today it is lasting a bit longer. i am waiting for a bit yet and then may haul myself over to the hospital to make sure everything is ok. I have been wearing panty liners and today had to change it early due to the bleeding. I am due March 7/06!!


rl - September 6

you should go have the bleeding checked out just call your doctor's office and have them see you they should be able to work you in asap and then if I were you I would hold off on the s_x for awhile I have scaring on my cervix due to past surgery and I have been very carefull about s_x as my hubby is rather..... well he's Italian if you get my meaning....ha ha lol so we have had to put most of our s_x on hold but he understands and has been great here's a hint if you like it, oral s_x is wonderful and you don't bleed after.......good luck I am sure it is nothing to worry about...



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