Finding Out Babies Sex At 15 Weeks

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bla04017 - March 26

Hey, I just found out that my husbands cousin found out she is having a boy... she is only 15 weeks, and I'm 17! That isn't fair!! However... it seems kind of sketchy to me because she said they went to the Mall and got a free ultrasound that told her. Has anyone done this? Is it correct? My doctor wont do a second ultrasound until i am 20-22 weeks, why does he wait so long if you can tell this early??


bl - March 26

I went to a 3D ultra sound place and found out at 15 weeks I was having a boy. Most people don't find out the gender until about 20 weeks unless you pay for an u/s on your own or have complications that would need further u/s.


ginger6363 - March 26

The baby's genitals are usually very distinctly formed at 15 wks and you can tell the s_x from an u/s. I found out I am having a girl at 15wks3days. I've never heard of a free u/s at the mall---that's weird. Mine was b/c I am high risk and being monitored more frequently. Most will have to wait until 20 wks to find out s_x.


cblack - March 26

I wish I could find out at 15 weeks. That is only 2 weeks from today... but I have to wait till May 1st which will make me 18wk 1day. I guess I will have to wait though. :(


c_baer19 - March 26

The U/S at 20 weeks or so is not just for the s_x, haha, that is just a bonus thing that you can choose to find out. That u/s, the Level II u/s, is also to check every bone to make sure the baby is forming correctly, check the brain, the bladder, the kidneys, the heart, etc., and to check for soft markers for down syndrome.


sophie elise - March 26

I was going to say the exact same thing as C Baer. The main purpose is to make sure the baby doesn't have any deformities or abnormalties, and they say 18-20 weeks is a good time for that because it will be clear, but if you chose to end the pregnancy, it wouldn't be too late for that either... IF you can't wait, go for a 3D U/s but be careful because I've heard they can look a little un-human before about 25 weeks....


bla04017 - March 26

THanks everyone... I figured there was a reason he waited, so it is good to know what they are looking for with that second u/s. I'm just dying to know the s_x! :)


jen327 - March 26

I found out at 16 weeks. 3D u/s are often ways of finding out. You can find out a boy earlier then a girl. Sometimes when it is obvious its obvious. In my case they said they were not sure they could tell so early, but seconds later "ITS A BOY." I was at a high risk doctor so it was a level II u/s and really clear. But the week before my OB noticed it was a boy but did not tell me since my DH was not there, i wanted to wait until he was there.



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