Finding Out Sex Of Baby

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j - July 19

Hello ladies! I am 8 weeks pregnant and of course dying to know what i am having. i had a dream 2 days ago with me and the babys father at the doctors finding out we were having a girl. Have any of you had any dreams similar to mines, and if so, was it true when you found out in reality what you were having?


melanie - July 19

I always had dreams before I found out. This is my 3rd. Physically, I felt so different I knew it was a girl. I had about 3 dreams, they all said boy- IT'S A BOY!!!! Kinda strange I know. Is this your 1st?


lucy - July 19

i had loads of vivid dreams of girls even though my prefferance at first was boy, found out 20 weeks girl, one woman did research 80% true for dreams, you and family


ng - July 19

Hi, my partner had many dreams about having a girl, and they have come true, he is so happy


Jennifer - July 19

I didn't have dreams, but I did have a very strong feeling that I was having a boy. When I would talk about the baby I would say He without realizing it. and he's a boy!


Kelly K - July 19

I had dreams throughout the whole first trimester that it was going to be a boy.. found out in June that it's a girl!


Jessie V - July 19

My husband and I both thought we were having a boy. I had my u/s yesterday and it's a boy.


j - July 19

melanie, this is my first. It's just so weird. Even before I found out I was pregnant I had dreams of me with little girls. But in my dreams I act as a mother even though I knew I wasn't a mother. However, the little girls were my neices or god daughter. I have NO IDEA what i'm having. It's really exciting though. My family thinks i'm having a girl, because we're all girls in my family.


dd - July 19

wow most of ur dreams hv come true , cool, in first trimester i had a dream that i had boy, then i dreamt i had a girl then i dreamt i had twin girls!!!!!!!!1 lol my Dh says u are dreaming all the possibilities lol, cany wait to find out !!


Sera - July 19

I had a few dreams so far of having a boy but most of my dreams are of having a girl...we'll see next week when we find out which dreams were right


Emma - July 20

I had two very clear dreams that it was a boy and IT IS! I can't wait!


lynnstress - July 20

I'm 19 weeks with my first. I always USED to tell other women what they were having, or that they were pregnant. Sad to say, with my own pregnancy, baby stole all my mojo! I have no luck in games or cards. I went to the casino a couple wekends ago and had absolutely no luck. I can't even read tarot cards anymore! I have no idea whether it's a boy or girl. I hope to find out next week at my level 2 u/s.



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