Finding Out Sex Of Baby

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mgn - December 7

so were going monday the 10th for our 20 week scan and i am so excited but also nervous! i want to know how many of u went at 20 weeks and they were POSITIVE or at least VERY SURE of the s_x. i am worried first that they wont be able to tell and second if they can tell that they might be wrong?? so, how sure can they be at this stage of the game??? i really want to know what were having!!!


Rainbowbrite - December 7

I felt the same way when i went! i was so sure it was a girl but then as we were there i was thinking what if it is a boy? (i would not be disappointed but i felt so sure i was right) sitting in the waiting room felt horrible although the wait was only like 10 minutes if that it seemed forever... and you see your baby on the screen you're so in awe and you see them typing in things and measuring parts of the baby and fluid and such and you wonder is everything okay! But in the back of your mind you're like WHAT IS IT!! GOSH! What is taking so long tell me what he/she is!! But we almost were not able to tell the s_x of the baby! she had to have me go empty my bladder when normally they want you to have a full bladder.. but in like that last minute or two of the ultrasound she said it was a girl and i felt soooo in awe! You'll really enjoy the experience and you'll never forget it! =) Do you have a gut feeling of what you're having?


Chris1975 - December 8

Hi, when i went for my 19wk ultrasound, as soon as she put the u/s to my tummy, i asked her to tell us the s_x as we wanted to know. She said she could already tell us as she saw straight away. A boy! I had a gut feeling it was a boy from the beginning of pregnancy. Funny how mothers get that instinct :)


mgn - December 8

well thanks for sharing. Monday cannot get here fast enough! its the first time i WANT the weekend to fly! haha i have a feeling it is a boy. i just cannot help but feel that way. i felt this way since the beginning, but i guess i could be wrong. i dont care one way or the other. little girls are just as fun! take care.


autumnsmommy - December 8

A friend just found out at 14 weeks 4 days that she is having a boy.



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