Finding Out The Gender

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Rainbowbrite - September 19

When is everyone finding out the gender of your baby? I still have a month to go but i look on here every day to see if anyone has found out yet!!!! Any gut instincts???


sarah21 - September 19

I'm with you-- one more month... anxiously waiting


Rainbowbrite - September 19

Sarah- do you have a gut feeling?? do you think you're having one or the other? ever since i found out i was pregnant i've thought it was nothing but a girl! i did have a dream it was a boy but then when i woke up i was like nah, i still feeling like it is a girl!!! But i ain't gonna lie after seeing that little boy in my dream i was like i really wouldn't mind having a little boy either! LOL I really don't care either way just my gut says a girl.


sarah21 - September 19

My gut says boy, but I don't know if it's just because my husband's family says boy, my mom says boy, my husband and stepdad desperately want a boy, or if I truly think it is. I want a girl really bad, but I'm pretty sure it's a boy.


ROBYN - September 19

I am 16 weeks and found out yesterday we are having a boy!! We went and did the 2nd part of our NT scan so that why we found out so early.


Kira_lynn - September 19

I thought it was a girl. I lost a pregnancy at 17weeks(boy) and this time felt totally different. NOPE i was wrong. Found out at 18weeks and then asked again at 21weeks. (i get a routine u/s every 3 weeks) Got a full p___s shot! Quite impressive. Lol. So who knows, my family was sure it was a girl by the way i was carring. Haha to them.


corbin289 - September 19

I'm thinking girl but EVERYONE else thinks boy. I have only had one dream and it was a boy. When I was pregnant with my son all I had was dreams about girls so who knows. I did read somewhere you always dream your having the opposite then what your really having.


swollenangel - September 20

I've also got a month still to wait ... well a month less 1day! haha! I cant wait! Since i found out i was pg both myself and my dh have a really strong gut feeling that its a boy... but everyone sayd its a girl and i have dreamt of girls also... so who really knows! it will be my parents first grandchild so they dont really mind, but my dh parents really want a girl since they have 3 boy grandchildren already! Well, i guess we will have to wait till Oct 19th to find out - and thats also only IF lo co-operates - dh says that we will stay there all day if we have to till we see something, cos he really wants to know whether its pink or blue team! I'll keep you'll posted!


Astra - September 20

I have three more weeks to go and I can't wait to find out. I didn't have a feeling until recently when I started having dreams about a baby girl. Of course my mother says she knows I'm having a boy which is very funny. I know I'll be thrilled whatever they tell me but I'ts so hard to wait.


sahm2alaj - September 20

Im 23 weeks and I always felt like it was a boy... at 17 weeks my instincts were confirmed! It's a BOY!


montie75 - September 20

I am preggo with twins, so really, I have no clue what we are having. I have 2 weeks to go before I find out!! (i'll be 18 weeks then) I think it's the same gender twins, hubby thinks boy/girl. Oh well, as long as they are healthy....who could ask for more??!!


sarah21 - September 20

Yeah my brother has 4 girls and 1 boy so everyone is hoping for at least one more boy to even up the score, and since my brother got "fixed" they have to come from me. I had a dream it was a boy, so if Sadie's right, then I'll have a girl. One more month... one more month...


Rainbowbrite - September 20

I'm really just excited for us all!!!! This is such a great journey that we all get to take together!!! I'm still waiting to feel the baby move.. I can't wait to feel that... and that should hopefully be in less than a month that i can start to feel that but we'll see... Im 14 weeks today. Can any of you feel your babies move?


VenusdiMilo - September 20

Hey Rainbowbrite, how are you feeling hon? Welcome to the 2nd trimester! I am so excited for you. I know you must be super anxious to know what you're having...I was :-) Anyhow, just wanted to pop my head in and say hi. Take care of yourself and the little one.


Rainbowbrite - September 20

HEY VENUS!!! it is so great to hear from you! i'm doing really well! I haven't had any morning sickness or heartburn (yet)... the only symptoms i've really had since finding out is being tired and feeling hungrier but other than that i am doing well! Just hit 14 weeks and i am SO anxious to find out... I know you're having a little girl and won't reveal the name (so i'm waiting for that) How are you doing? How far along are you now??? Getting a nice baby bump yet?


sarah21 - September 20

It is so neat to be in the company of such sweet ladies! There are truly some gems on this message board and has been so nice to have people to bounce ideas off of and complain to and be understood and comforted. Sorry, pregnant emotional moment. Thanks to everyone.


Rainbowbrite - September 20

AWE! HUG! sarah!!! That was sweet! thank you for the kind words to us!!!



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