Finding Out The Sex

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Angela - September 10

I am 16 weeks along, is it to early to find out the s_x of the baby??? I have not had an ultrasound yet, do most people get them right away???


Cer - August 17

Hi. I've been told that I can find out the s_x at my 20 week scan if I want. Don't know yet whether I will thoug, it's my first baby and I can't decide what to do!


Sylvia - August 17

Usually at 20 or 21 weeks


amber - August 20

i found out the s_x of my baby at 18.4 weeks.


Christina - August 26

I am getting my first ultrasound in 2 weeks. I will be 18 weeks and 5 days.I will not be finding out the s_x. We want to be surprised. My doc told me they usually do it between 18 and 20 weeks for the s_x. But I have heard that by 16 weeks you can find out the s_x.


Laura - September 4

I found out our baby's s_x at 20 weeks. For my first child it was a surprise but this time we wanted to be able to plan ahead more!


Tru - September 10

You are too early to find out the s_x, the try to schedule that ultra sound within your 20th week so that they can check the anatomy process. Some people do get them right away but that is up to the doctor and just to determine a more accurate due date. Just hang on you are almost there. I just had mine a week and a half ago! It's my second and we chose not to find out s_x this time!


Cerry - September 10

I just had my ultrasound last week (at 17 weeks and 3 days, to be exact). And the technician was able to distinguish the s_x. It's a boy!!!


becky - October 25

yes, you can find out early, with my first 14 weeks , 2nd 15 weeks, 3rd 16 weeks


MSM - October 25

Usually at 16 wks., most women would find out. Good luck!


rubysmum - November 4

SO many people (many who are not even pregnant themselves) have very strong feelings about finding out the s_x. Before having my daughter I thought I wouldnt want to know. But during the pregnancy I became desperate to find out. They said girl, but not absolutely definate. Now second time around I want to know again. You just have to do what feels right - then you won't regret your decision (like alot of things in life).


Rn - November 13

I just had an ultrasound at 14.5 weeks and they said it looks like a boy However I won't buy anything yet. 18-20 weeks is usu. a good time.


Amanda N - November 15

I had an us at 14 weeks and they said we will be able to tell my next us at 20 weeks. I have heard you can tell sooner but I think it just depends.


Jamie - November 15

I was to told at my 3 month sonogram that they were pretty sure it was a girl. At 20 weeks, they were positive it was a boy! I would wait to 20 weeks before getting excited one way or the other!


Jenny L - November 15

I had a hunch my baby was a boy. This pregnancy is so easy like my last, no morning sickness, no cravings etc. I just knew it. I also checked out this chinese calendar which also said it was a boy. I had an ultrasound at 15 weeks and was told "preliminarily" it looks like a boy. After my amnio at 17 weeks, it was confirmed, it was a boy.


Christine - November 16

I had an ultrasound yesterday...18 weeks and 3 days...definately a girl...


Renee - November 17

My ob/gyn won't do the gender sono until 28 weeks! It's driving my husband and I crazy! She told us she could tell but it's definitely easier later because at 20 weeks, boys can still look like girls and vice versa. Anyone else having to wait as long as me??



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