Finding Out The Sex Of Your Baby

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Allyson - January 24

when did everyone find out the s_x of the child? i was just wondering b/c i have a docs apt feb2nd and i will only be 18 weeks and the are supposed to do a sono. and i was just wondering if its too early to find out what it is. well ladys plz let me know how many weeks u were when u found out! thanx


Tess - January 24

We found out when I was 21 wks/3days. We are expecting a GIRL in MAY.


Kiddolebel - January 24

Found out at 21 wks 4 days it was a girl for sure. We had a "possible girl" at 18 wks.


J - January 24

I found out with my first 2 children at 19 weeks. This time around I will be 20 weeks and 4 days. I have my appt the same day as you Allyson. Best Wishes


D - January 24

i just had my u/s yesterday i was 18 weeks 0 days, and we are definitly having a little boy he opened his legs and showed it all, as long as your little one dosen't have his hands in the way or legs closed you should forsure beable to know.


N - January 24

We just found out we're having a boy at 17 weeks and 4 days! It was easy to see! Good luck!


Nita - January 24

I have my u/s on feb 2nd as well. I'll be 19 weeks and 2 days by then. DH and I can't wait! but of course, we are also aware of the fact that the baby's position may hinder it. So we are prepared either way. Good Luck Allyson! Do tell us what you find out. I'll do the same. :)


ricanmami - January 24

Allyson guess what I too will be getting mu u/s on feb 2 to find out the s_x of the baby and i too will be 18 weeks and 4 days... so hopefully we will be able to find out!! I will give you an update!


Allyson - January 24

Thanx everyone i will be sure to let everyone know how my apt goes! good luck to everyone hope you all have healty babys boy or girl!


lucy - January 25

we tried twice to find our the s_x of our baby but it wouldnt cooperate with us.. they were around 16 weeks and 18 weeks.. at 20 weeks u/s we got to find out that its a SHE!! YAY!! baby parts would show by 18 weeks.. but only if ur baby would cooperate and not cross its legs :)


Katie - January 25

I was 19 weeks and my doctor had told me somewhere inbetween 18 and 20 weeks that I could find out. They we're able to see what he was just fine. I think it will be fine. Good Luck and Congrats:)


TM - January 26

I was 17 weeks and 6 days when I had my level 2 US and it was plain as day that we are having a boy, the sonographer had no problems telling.


Em - January 27

I found out at almost 20 wks, then had it confirmed 1.5 wks later - it's a boy!


Allie - January 28

I found out at 19 weeks - it's a girl. I've heard it's more common that they are wrong when they say girl, but the tech wa positive, so I'm shopping pink and purple already :)


kimmerbean - January 28

I am 18 weeks right now and had my first utlrasound this morning. Found out we are having a girl, so its not to soon to tell! Good Luck!


allyson - February 1

the big day is tomorrow! i can't wait is anyone else VERY excited and thats all you can thin about?


Steph - February 1

Mine's not for 26 more days and I can hardly stand the wait, so I can totally imagine how you feel!! Good luck and make sure you post what your having!!



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