Finding Out The Sex What Did You Think About

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NewMommyinMay - December 5

I know we all just want healthy babies, so this post is just for fun and not meant to start any wars! We are hopefully finding out the s_x of our baby next week, and I've been thinking about the theoretical positives for either boy or girl. In all honesty, I don't have a preference (this will be our first), but want one or the other for different reasons: The emotional side of me wants a girl, raising her might feel less 'foreign' since I'm a girl too- and would hope we do all of the girly stuff together one day! The practical side of me wants a boy, because boys are so much fun, and seem easier to raise (no girly drama!) For those of you first time mommies to be, what thoughts ran through your head before or after you found out? For those of you who already have children- did your perception of what it would be like to raise a boy or girl become a reality?


javidsgirl - December 5

well i had a girl in august and i love it . when i first got pregnant i thought abgout what it would be like to have each s_x then at 13 weeks i was told it was a boy so i started getting used to the idea to only find out at 22 weeks it was a girl which i mean i became super excited becuase i seen so many pretty dresses i just wanted to buy so bad but thought i couldn"t but when i realize i could i bought them all lol. i am sure if my dd will be girly or not i was more like a tomboy growing up so we will see i guess. but she has put a sparkle in my hubby"s eye she already has her daddy wrapped around her little finger


javidsgirl - December 5

her not it my god what a horrible typo


sammommy - December 5

I have alittle almost 3 year old boy and am expecting twin girls in May. My friends all seem to agree that boys are more difficult when they are little and girls are more difficult when they get older :) We shall see!! Best of luck!!


Faye84 - December 6

with my first I really wanted a boy, You know. The "typical" family, The oldest being a boy and then a girl. When we found out it was a girl I felt almost sad, Because I knew hubby wanted a boy, and I wanted a boy. But by the time we left the doc office we were excited, We could buy pink girly clothes and play dress up. Now that we have her I wouldnt want it any other way. Without her my life would not be complete. Now this second time around I dont even care what I have, Boy/girl. I know that I will be happy with either one I get.


Rainbowbrite - December 6

I was in the same boat as you! It is my first child and i didn't really care either way. But my boyfriend has two boys from a previous relationship so the only reason i had preferred a girl was because he already had two boys! But then i thought how i'd love a cute little boy as well!!! Well the whole time my gut told me a girl... all the old wives tales and predictor charts said a girl! so i was pretty sure i was having a girl! But when we went to the ultrasound (we wanted to find out the s_x) we weren't able to see it and for the whole ultrasound she could not get between the legs enough to see!! So i was starting to feel real bummed and upset so the lady told me to go to the bathroom and EMPTY my bladder... normally they want you to have a full bladder! And like a minute before the ultrasound was over she confirmed we were having a little girl! I felt sooooooooo excited and wanted to cry, my boyfriend sat there holding my hand and rubbing the top of my head and then when we left the room and were waiting by the elevator he kept saying i dont know how i'm going to raise a girl! (he feels scared to have a girl) but he had this cheesy grin on his face and then for like the next week every morning after i'd come to work he'd send me a text in awe at the fact we were having a girl! he couldn't wait to tell his mom and we told my mom the same day! And although it was what i was thinking (a girl) i was still soooo thrilled... but after you find out i did have some thoughts of how would i have felt if it was a boy! But i guess we'll just have to have another baby in a few years!!! =) try for a boy! Until then, there is no feeling like hearing for the first time what you're having!!! Now i just can't imagine what it will feel like to actually see her!


sterlinberlin05 - December 6

My first was a boy. I really want a girl and wanted one with my first. But at the same time like Faye84 said with my first I wanted a boy too just because any younger siblings I feel need an older brother for whatever stupid reason. I had two and I hated it so I don't really know why I would want tthat but I did. Then I remembered how everyone kept saying mommies little boy and daddy's little girl, call it selfish or whatever, but I wanted to be the favorite! LOL This time around I kind of want my son to have a brother....but I still want a girl. Then I think beause my son is already three he'll never really have a brother to do stuff with if it's not a boy, I think I think too much! Good luck.


NewMommyinMay - December 6

Hi Rainbowbrite- I remember you from a previous post, the one I created on a family history of incompetent cervix. After that post I’ve been to a cervical measuring specialist and have talked to other physicians in my OB practice who have all rea__sured me that I am not at a greater risk for this just because my mom had it. It sounds like you are progressing along just fine too! Congratulations on finding out you’re having a little girl!! What a great moment! Your boyfriend’s reactions are so sweet. :) I can’t wait to find out myself! Hope we can!!!


NewMommyinMay - December 6

To Faye and SterlinBerlin, isn't it funny how we come up with all of these scenarios in our heads, i.e. want the first to be the boy to look out for the little girl, or want two boys to be playmates. I do this to as I know I eventually want 2 kids. :) I over think the possibilites too!!



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