Finding Out Vs Waiting

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curious - July 11

What are the pros and cons of finding out the s_x of your baby vs. waiting until it is born?


Mel - July 11

Well pretty much the obvious. If you know you will be able to get everything you need in the proper color. Plus I think I liked knowing so everyone could buy the proper things. I think that the pros to waiting is what a wonderful surprise! If I could wait without going crazy I would


Jodie - July 11

I didnt find out with my first 2 but decided to find out with this one, Im having a boy :) , its been alot easier to shop, i feel like i have bonded more and am generally more excited


TCM - July 11

One con of finding out is that there is always the (small) chance they are wrong ... that is what is on my mind. Cant decide yet if I would rather not know than face the chance that I am told the wrong thing ...


MG - July 12

It is a good idea to ask if your other loved ones want to know after you find out, My gran asked not to be told, she wanted a suprise . So knowing can be hard if you can't share the news


Jbear - July 12

I didn't find out until today and I'm 32 weeks. For me it's easier to form an attachment with the baby in my mind if I know what I'm having...sounds dumb, but this is my second child and I've been trying to imagine how a new baby will change our family. It's easier to talk to my daughter about her new sister than to say the new baby. Also, I was really worried about finding the money in my budget to move to a house with a third bedroom, and now I know I don't have to worry about it, because my daughters can share while they're young.


Jamie - July 13

Although for some people it is more convenient to find out the s_x, I haven't found it to be a problem not knowing. When you have the baby, so many people are going to show up with clothes that are either blue or pink, so I love to shop for the neutral colors! It is also just as easy to decorate a nursery in a neutral theme. I am very exited for the moment I push my baby out and my doctor tells me the s_x! I normally hate surprises but this is just different for me. Good luck on your decision!


Jennifer - July 14

This is another one of those things that are personal, there is no right or wrong, but I'll share my experience for comparison. I found out two days ago that I'm having a little boy. I did want to know the s_x because I was very curious, excited and couldn't wait. It took a day for it so sink in that I'm having a boy. My husband and I talked about it last night and now it just seems so real to us. It is no longer "the baby" That is our son. Our little boy, Grant Landon Wilson in there kicking me everyday. He is a person to us now, not just the baby. I'm glad that we found out his s_x. I have to say I, in no way, think it is a bad idea to wait until birth to find out. It would be a wonderful surprise, but for me his birth will still be a wonderful surprise, I don't feel that knowing his s_x will change that. I still don't know what he'll look like or whose eyes he'll have. It's going to be exciting to meet my son. And over the next year discovering what his personality will be. I just wanted to share my experience with you, whether you find out now or wait, it's going to be the most exciting day in our lives to finally meet these little people.


lilmum - July 14

we found out with our first and it meant everything to me. I could name him and talk to him using his name instead of 'baby'. I just felt alot closer to him and gave everything more of a sense of 'realness'. Plus, the buying the clothes thing was nice. I had five months to prepare and buy all the clothes, blankets, bottles ect.. so they matched and were blue. It made it WAY easier to budget (i was only 19, so i didn't exactly have a savings to work with). It just made the transition into a mother so much smoother, because i already felt i knew my baby. This time, however, we wanted to find out the s_x and couldn't. I am crushed. I have a prenatal today, so hopefully i will be allowed to get another U/S to find out the s_x but i'm canadian, so you pretty much need to have the nicest doctor in the world to get an ultrasound just to determine the s_x. Health care doesn't like to pay for that. I do feel very close to this baby, and we have our time together where i curl up arond my belly on the couch and try to figure out which way it's moving. I just can't help but feel like this pregnancy hasn't quite sunk in yet. Even though i'm way more informed about what is going to happen in the next few months and after the baby comes, I am having a harder time picturing it. I really really really really really want to know.



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