Finding Out You Re Pregnant

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Jenn711 - February 19

I was just wondering if anyone had any personal stories or had heard of other peoples stories about only finding out you're pregnant when you're past 20 weeks. Any stories at all about a situation like that would be helpfull and appreciated!!


bubbasmom - February 20

A friend of mine found out at five months. She was not in a serious relationship at tht point. She had missed her period but told me that due to something medical (I didn't ask), that missing her period was not a red flag. I was with her in her first trimester and she had no morning sickness. She went to the doctor for severe heartburn and wa told she was pregnant. Also, she also went overseas and had been drinking heavily but the baby (now a six year old) is fine. Good luck


stefkay - February 20

I have a friend who found out she was pregnant at 4.5 months...she then went on to deliver her son 2 months early so she only "knew" she was pregnant for about 2.5 months!!! He just got out of NICU and is doing great! It's a long story, but she was told early in her life that she would never be able to have children. She also tested negative on home pregnancy tests. I believe an ultrasound confirmed after going to a couple of dr's who told her nothing was wrong with her!!! Finally one said "you are PREGNANT"....LOL! It's nuts...


sugar - February 20

A girl who works at the same company as me found out she was pregnant when she went into labour on new years eve!! I don't know how but she just didn't know.


Jenn711 - February 20

Thank You!! anyone else have any stories??


DDT - February 20

I was 17 wks along when I discovered I was pregnant. Due to : lack of AF after my first child, no weight gain, no morning sickness, and 3 negative HPT's. I decided to test only after I discovered I was leaking from my b___sts. The HPT came back positive. Now I am 25wks along.


Hopeful3 - February 20

My dh aunt had a gastromic bypa__s 6 yrs ago after several failed attempts to lose weight. She was told whilein her 20s that her body could not sustain a pregnancy. Over 2 yrs she went from 511 to 289. While getting approved for her tummy tuck surgery, routine bloodwork came back positive for pregnancy. On her first visit to the doc, she found out that she was 26 weeks pregnant and having a daughter. Due to her weight, lapsed menses were common, and her sickness was thought to be related to her surgery (at first she had major complications). So, at 42, she gave birth to her little girl. (Oh, btw, she adopted a little girl after doc told her she could not get pregnant.) Eight months after her dd was born, her adopted daughter gave birth to her grandson. Can you imagine becoming a mother and a grandmother in the same year?


Jenn711 - February 20

to Hopeful3, wow thats definitely a weird situation. I cant imagine what it would be like that have that happen. The reason I'm asking people is cause I feel like I'm pregnant, I felt like I had symptoms for a few months last year, but all tests, even Doctors tests came back negative. So even though i was still having a few symptoms i just dismissed it and went on with my life. Well now i'm starting to get worried that maybe the tests were wrong, Ive only had 2 periods (strange ones at that) in 6 months, among a couple other things that never went away. Well I'm about 5'7 and currently weigh about 171, where as 6 months ago i weighed 164, and i've had no change at all in eating habits or excersizing. I dont feel like i really look almost 6 months pregnant (only one possible date of conceiving), but the past few days i feel like im feeling something moving in me. This is all just really weird to me, and I dont know whats going on with me.


Jenn711 - February 21



LN030905 - February 21

I have two stories..the first was one of my best friensd. She had surgery for endo. She was told she may not ever be able to get prg..was on bc to regulate her cycles. Took hpt, negative, when she started gaining some weight. Went to Dr for a check up 5 months after surgery, found out she was preg by blood test! Also found out it was a little girl! She gave birth to the beautiful baby in January. I girl I worked with had a friend who was having severe stomach cramps after eatting out one night, went to the DR who discovered she was actually in labour with her daughter! DR rushed her right over to the ER and less than 4 hrs later she had a baby girl! Talk about a shocker!! Supposidly she had light bleeding all through out her period and had gained about 20 lbs but couldnt tell what it was from!


kay101 - February 21

A girl I went to high school with didn't know at all until her water broke in cla__s and she thought she had peed on the floor. She was heavy set which I heard can make it more difficult to feel the baby move and didn't look pregnant at all. She said she got her period the entire time ( I don't know if she had actual bleeding or just spotting) and delivered at 7 months with not a single thing for the baby.



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