First Baby Amp Desperately Need Advice

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evae777 - October 1

Can anyone help guide me on what I need to buy as far as baby furniture? We bought and "pack and Play" today that has a full size bassinet and a playpen, but then after we installed it, realized that the full sized bassinet will be too big for a newborn and he may roll over on his stomach! grrr.... we are total amateurs and it is our first child. My partner thinks we should just buy a small round bassinet and a crib for the baby later. But doesn't the baby need a cushioned play pen for during the day? My husband has been disagreeing with me saying that we should let the baby crawl free instead of trapping him in a play pen. He sees no use for this "pack and play" thing that we bought today so we are totally lost now on what the baby will need as far as furniture. Also if i am a stay home mom and will be br___t feeding, do i still need to buy a br___t pump? what about pacifiers? when will the baby need that? I really need suggestions on all this stuff. Any guidance would be very kind :>


Anathi - October 1

Hi evae777 I'm glad you sound fine and free from bh anyway I'm also in ur shoe of not knowing what to buy for the baby its also my first 1 hence my last pregnancy did not workout I'm so exited and love my suprise baby .I just cant wait to hug my little baby lol


Happymommy - October 1

Hi evae777--I am pregnant with my third so I will try to give you a little advice, but honestly I think that a lot of things are personal preference. As far as the pack n' play, the ba__sinet should be fine. Some people go right to a full sized crib from the hospital. We used a cradle and then the crib. Once a baby can roll onto his tummy, it is really hard to do much about it and restraining him seems like it could be worse. I diligently laid both of mine on their backs but as soon as they could efficiently turn over they became tummy sleepers (at around 4 or 5 months) I still tried to lay them on their backs but they would roll right back. A doc advised me that once they are able to roll around like that they are at much lower risk for SIDS. Still scary, though! Just make sure not to have loose bedding. I am also a SAHM and b___stfed for about a year. I did not buy a pump, but I plan to with this one. It just gives you a little more freedom to go out and such early on. So you may not need one , but you might want one. Or if you have problems with your milk supply you might need it. I would not get the most expensive one if you will mostly be b___stfeeding. As far as pacifiers, both of mine took them right at the hospital--some moms don't like that though and it is a personal decision. I didn't have any problems. Just get an orthodontic pacifier if you do decide to use one. Another thing I would advise is to have a comfy rocker or glider to nurse your lo in. Overall, I would say just relax and enjoy it. You will realize after your baby is born some of the things that you will need, and realize some things you don't. With our first we spent $80 on a Baby Bjorn that we never used, thought it was a waste of money, but then our second loved being snuggled in it and we used it all the time. So, you never know! I guess I would just say don't buy too much beforehand because a newborn doesn't need much except mommy and a place to sleep! I hope this helps, sorry if it is too long. Congratulations and enjoy your pregnancy!


KRISTINA - October 1

Hello....I agree with Happymommy, as long as you have diapers and wipes you will learn what else you will need. For example, my 1st never ever used a pacifier, he only ever had his crib, but his first 2 months were spent sleeping on me :) We used the ba__sinett part of the pack and play when he was really little, but since then it has been used as a toy box. But thats because mine would scream if I put him in there, your might not, your might love it. So you just have to feel it through and dont worry to much. All this baby stuff can make your life easier, but your baby can survive without it and every baby is different so you wont really know whats good for them until you get to meet them.


docbytch - October 1

Pack n plays are great. They are a safe place for the baby to be when you have other things that require attention. I think baby's are more at risk for getting into things they shouldn't be if left to roam freely...largely due to the impossibility of keeping our eyes on them EVERY second of every day. It's a great investment and both my dd (now grown) and the baby I am now expecting have them. We are using ours as a ba__sinet too. It should not be hard to secure the baby to ensure they are safe... Especially during the first month or so when they are far less mobile.


sahm2alaj - October 1

It's true. Each baby is different. My daughter loved her pacifier, while my son didn't care for it. As far as the pack n' play... my daughter couldn't stand to even look at it (hence it became the toy box as mentioned here)! We did use it for my son though. When we were outside by the pool or having a bbq out back. It helped keep him safe in one place and he seemed okay with it. We used a ba__sinet for the 1st 2 months and then each of my kids went to their room and slept in their crib. One think each of my kids could not be wothout and i consider a LIFE SAVER... was the swing. That thing is awesome!! Helped calmed each of my kids and i cannot tell you how many pictures i have of them sound asleep in that swing. Best baby shower gift EVER!! :)


sarah21 - October 1

HappyMommy gave great advice. You are not going to find something small enough to put the baby in to prevent it from rolling over. Like she said, if it's old enough to roll onto its tummy, it's old enough that you're probably past the SIDS high risk stage. A playpen is a great thing to have when the baby gets older and more mobile. It's great to let it have freedom, but if you want to cook or take a shower and can't watch it every waking moment, then it's a good thing to have for those times. A great thing to have is a changing table for sure! It has edges on it so the baby can't roll off and puts it at your level so you don't have to bend over so far to change the baby. Definitely handy! Also very sanitary since they are plastic and you can bleach it or clorox wipe it every time you use it. I would buy a b___st pump just to have it, or to pump in case you want to go on a date with your husband and need to leave the baby with a relative or baby sitter. I would also get a baby sling. All of my 4 nieces loved it and it was so convenient to have. And that's all the input I can think of right now.


KRISTINA - October 1

I have a suggestion for the changing table....If you are going to purchase one I would suggest getting on that is a dresser/changer, that way when the baby is older you can take the changer off the top and you still have a functional piece of furniture.


Astra - October 1

I am a first time mom too and all these answers are so helpful! thank you evae for asking the question, and thanks everyone else for such great answers!


evae777 - October 1

thanks everyone, this helps very much :>


sarah21 - October 1

Oh! As far as pacifiers go, I would buy one or two of several different kinds and see what the baby likes. Generally they are very particular about what they will and will not take. Then once you find what the baby likes, get a million of them. You will lose more than you care to count.


corbin289 - October 1

If your afraid of your baby rolling over the do have positioners that are adjustable and will keep then on their tummy until they are strong enough to really do it themself. They work great!!


evae777 - October 1

where do they have these adjustable positioners? is that what they are called? that would be awesome!


corbin289 - October 2

They have them at Babies R Us I know for sure but I have seen them at most places that sell crib bedding. If you go to babies r us and go to nursery then bedding you will see sleep positioners. There are lots of styles and they really do work great!


Buffi R. - October 4

Sorry if this was already mentioned in an earlier reply (only have time for "scanning" today), but I have a suggestion for you on the Pack & Play. I used a standard crib for my first, but used the Pack & Play when we went to Grandma's, etc. for overnight stays. Very helpful for that. But I found that the carrying handle cut into my hands like nobody's business and it was painful to carry it around. While getting read to go on a trip several years later, I was shopping in the luggage aisle of a store and saw these padded velcro handles you can put on your luggage handles. They come in bright colors (to help distinguish your luggage from someone else's), but they're also padded and removable. I thought this would be great to use on the Pack & Play handle, and plan to do that with my new baby when she comes.


pomny143 - October 4

slowing down is the best advice i can give you. dont think there is any right or wrong answer to your questions. to each his own, ok? my opinion would be to get a small ba__sinet so that you may keep the baby close to your bed. this enables you to feed him/her during the night without having to get up. next, get the pump just so that you always have bottles made. this gives dad the oppurtunity to bond with the baby as well, and its great if you just need a break. pacifiers? well they are good for crying emergencies only in my opinion. my son never used them, but many moms swear by them so its up to you. good luck. hope i was helpful!


auntbuby - October 5

You already got great advice here but the one thing I would add would be to keep the playpen/basinette. Newborn babies can't roll over yet and both of mine slept in there during the day. They can be a pain to take down and set up again so I kept it in the family room at all times and used a regular full sized basinette next to my bed at night. Although the as soon as the baby would cry I would pop them on the b___st in bed with me so the basinette didn't get THAT much use! LOL. The positioner is a good idea too if you are really nervous. They cost 10 bucks in my town at Toys R us. You WILL need a regular full-size crib at some point (unless you plan on having a family bed!). Try to relax and things will work out! Congratuations and good luck. P.S. definitely get a pump too!



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