First Big Kick

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mandee25 - July 15

When did you feel your baby's first hard kick? I am 22 weeks now and I am just starting to feel the "you know its the baby and not something else" kicks. It's awesome and there's nothing like it! I am enjoying it now because they don't hurt.


HannahBaby - July 16

Congrats!! Thats the best feeling in the world!! My little one is starting to get up under my ribs (im 28 weeks) and its getting rather uncomfortable.


venus_in_scorpio - July 17

thats EXCITING!!!! i fely the first BIG movement around 20 weeks the baby like brushed its whole self up against teh front of my belly you could feel it from the outside but my hubby missed it. Last night however i was laying down and it started to move so I made jeremy come over and put his hand where it was moving... and he felt it kick twice! i was so happy i didnt think he could feel it this early (im 22 weeks now)


KLT - July 17

I've been getting serious movement for the past few weeks...finally! I'm 27 weeks now..I think?? It was just little kicks and bumps before, now I'm sitting here watching her worm her way around. Its amazing! Like an alien crawling around in your body or something...haha. The other day she was right up behind my belly b___ton, which I pushed down on the lump that she had made there and she kicked me back! ha.


Perl - July 17

Yes, it is exciting! I'm 22 weeks also and felt a really big kick about a little over a week ago. But the past couple of days have been the most active ones for baby so far. It almost feels like he shifted positions or maybe did a sommersault in there. At first I was mostly feeling movements on my left lower side then, now I'm feeling on the lower right and even up a little higher slightly above my belly b___ton. He's getting his exercise in there! I'm enjoying it now and hope it won't get too painful when I feel it on my ribs.



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