First Flutters

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Erin - November 8

Well, I'm pretty sure I felt it. Kinda funny how this baby can grab our attention so quickly with such a subtle feeling. I felt little bubbles or flutters or butterfly kisses a couple of weeks ago while sitting in church. It was low... just barely above my pubic bone, but it was obvious. My only issue is that I was only 13 weeks along. Is it possible to feel the "flutters" that early? Anyone else feel them that early? I did pop early (everyone could tell I was pg at 12 weeks), so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm going for an u/s today and I'm so excited about seeing this little thing!!


Christine - November 8

It is possible..I have had them since about 13 weeks also..but this is also my 3rd child..They are just getting to where my daughters can put thier hands on my stomach and feel the baby, and I'm 17 weeks..its been hard to catch him/her though because it doesnt happen all that much yet..


rubysmum - November 8

YEP, it probably is the baby. I felt my daughter flutter at 14 weeks and now I am pregnant again I am getting the same sensation at 13 weeks. I have no doubt it's the baby flexing its limbs!


E - November 8

I felt my first flutters at around 14 weeks. Now they are great big kicks and I can see them through my abdomen. I feel like the baby is communicating with me when he kicks and I love it!!


Anon - November 9

i am 18 weeks with my second child and i thought i felt flutters but they were actually gas around the uteras which sounds like what your feeling


peepie - November 16

hi i am 12 weeks and i thought it was gas, but my mom and inlaw told me it was baby flutters!!!


sg - November 21

I have felt a bizarre, slight sensation in my lower abdomen a couple times over the past few days. I am 14 weeks. I didn't realize that they might be flutters....


Mary - January 19

Yes it was probably your baby! I felt mine at 14 weeks...It felt like a b___terfly trying to get out of a jar. Like twitching or electric pulses.


Laurie - January 19

I've been feeling flutters just under my belly b___ton. Yesterday I went for an u/s and the feelings I'm having are where the baby is. This is my 2nd child too. I felt my first child at 3 months.


? - January 19

are you suppose to feel these"flutters' without feeling ur belly?


Crystal H - January 21

I have been feeling something since about week 13. Now I'm 17 1/2 weeks. Last week I felt the first kicking, but I haven't felt anything for about 4 days. Is this normal? It seems like forever. I have my first ultrasound next week!


Kat - January 21

Im 17 weeks and have just started feeling the baby move .. but u can barely notice im pregnant my stomach hasnt popped at all yet i have already had 3 ultra sounds and my 20 week scan is next i cant wait!


Lisa - August 9

I'm at about 14 weeks and to me, it feels more like a rolling sensation, delicate, subtle, but definitely there. It's really hard to describe, isn't it?


HezBux - August 9

I am almost 14 weeks and it feels like a goldfish is swimming around.....I keep telling myself it is too early to feel the baby, but the sensation is so strong I cant really deny it........


Tiffany - September 13

I have been feeling the flutters for about 2 weeks now and i am only 15 1/2 weeks so it is not uncommon. I also started to show around 11 or 12 wks. It is very funny how they surprise you at any given moment. Hope this helps you.



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