First Time Mommies What Would You Do Different

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Dia - January 26

Hi ladies! I just got to thinking about what I would do differently if I were to get pregnant again, since this is my first time. I think I would try to make sure I was at a healthy weight before becomming pregnant again. I am only 5'3" and I weighed about 170 prepregnancy. I think being heavy makes it so much harder! What would you do different?


KelyFranz - January 26

I didn't know I was pregnant at first and I usually drink wine everyday. I know it's debated whether it's ok or not, but two gla__ses a day is too much in my mind. As soon as I found out I stopped, but I almost miscarried in the beginning and was on bed rest for the first two months (SO BORING!). I'm sure it's not related to the wine, but I will be more aware next time. I think back now and think how could I have not known? The doctor says I don't have to worry and that everything looks great now, but in the first trimester when miscarriages are most common, I want to take better care of myself. In one week I'll be in my third trimester and I can't wait to see my baby!!!


Karoline - January 26

I would work out and be in shape from before the pregnancy so that way I could continue working out during the pregnancy. I haven't been on a steady gym schedule for about a year and I didn't want to pick up working out again while being pregnant.


Tess - January 26

I would probably do the same thing...from what you just mentioned. Im 5'4 and ppw was 183 lbs and Im 24 wks pg tomorrow 1/27 last time I stepped on a scale a wk ago Ive gained only 6 lbs. Im happy bcoz I can maintained my weight gain but there is always pros n I would probably eat healthy and exercise.


Ba8y6irl - January 26

I would start eating better definately but as for everything else I think I am doing ok... I read a lot and get a lot of advice from others. Some I take, some I pa__s on but for the most part I think I am doing ok for my first time!


Suzanne - January 26

I gained a ton of weight in my first trimester (20 pounds!) because it took the sick feeling away by eating. I have done nothing but watch tv on my couch through this whole event and I wish I could motivate myself to go walk or something. Next time I would walk from the beginning and maybe I wouldn't be so uncomfortable. I am 27 weeks and have gained 32 pounds.


Katie - January 27

I would work out and be in shape, I started in my 140's am now 175 and Im 26 weeks. Im so scared to jump any higher so I been making sure I eat alittle healthier but those chocolate and ice cream cravings seem to take over me:)



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