First Time Moms Braxton Hicks

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amyn - May 2

Just wondering when you first time moms started feeling Braxton Hicks contractions, I'm 17 weeks now and just wondering. Also what do they feel like? Thanks


AppleCake - May 3

Woth my first pregnancy I got them pretty early- somewhere between 20 and 30 weeks (sorry I really can't remember exactly!) but I was carrying twins, I don't know if my larger size made a difference there. I gather they feel different for everyone, some people don't even notice them, others can find them painful. For me, the only way I can explain it is like when you get goosebumps, and your hairs stand on end..if you get kinda felt like that in my belly, I would put my hands on it and it would feel all hard. This time around I have been getting them from 16 weeks onwards, and they feel achey and really quite uncomfortable. I tend to get one if I have been sitting for a while and I stand up, and also when I first lie down.


iakram - May 3

Hi Amy, sorry I'm not a 1st time mom but I can say that last time around I don't recall getting BH's. But at exactly 20 weeks or so I started getting BH - more when I was up on my feet in the kitchen. First I thought it was the baby just bunching up - but actually it's the muscles that bunch up and when you feel your belly it's hard - hard as a rock. They don't hurt perhaps just a bit uncomfy - but certainly you'll know when you touch your belly and it's pretty hard that they are B/H. Hope this helps! Good Luck


Tanya2 - May 3

With my first pregnancy I did not have any BH contractions, even in my last month of pregnancy. My doc said that some women don't feel it at all. I had a very healthy baby girl, with regular delivery (with the help of the epidural). So I honestly don't know what they feel like. I wonder if i would get them this time around.


Micky - May 3

I will be 16 weeks tomorrow. From yesterday evening, I have a slight pain in my tummy near the belly b___ton...It is in the same spot and I get it about once every few minutes...Not too painful but it does draw my attention and freaks me out. I have had one miscarriage before...It is kind of a tightening feeling. Could these be BH ?


Kara H. - May 3

If you have more than 4 BH's in an hour you are supposed to call your doctor. I am 25wks and they started at about 22wks. My doctor said they can be brought on by dehydration and said taht I should down a full bottle of water and go rest for a bit when I notice one. It does seem to go away faster if I do that.


Kara H. - May 3

Mickey - could you be feeling the baby move and mistaking it for a BH? Any pain that doesn't feel normal should be reported to your doctor just to be safe.


Micky - May 3

Thanks for your response...It is alomost gone now...I was a little constipated too..may be that's one reason why I had the pain...Honestly, I don't know what BH feels like...Is it like menstrual cramps ?


Remy - May 3

I'm 25 weeks and I haven't felt them yet.


amyn - May 4

Mickey- I too have pain around my belly b___ton sometimes so I asked my doc, thinking it could be gas, he said that you have ligaments around your belly b___ton that stretch too and as your uterus gets larger it goes up into your tummy area so it was just probably ligaments stretching or gas.


Micky - May 4

Thanks ladies..



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